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Follow Me, Follow You…Political Chuckles

Nothing like giggles to kick off a campaign.

How’s Jim Himes Doing?

Almost a year now since Jim Himes lanced 20-year Republican incumbent Congressman Chris Shays. Before Shays occupied Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District, Stewart McKinney had it. Lowell

Wanted: City Cheerleader

Bridgeport needs a cheerleader. That’s what I hear from downtown property owners, merchants, workers etc. The other day the University of Bridgeport hosted a forum featuring Larry Goldman,  chief

Freedom Of Information Fight

Retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez has become a stick in the eye to the Finch administration. She has filed a complaint with the state claiming the Civil Service Commission violated Freedom Of

A Tight AB Operation?

Gee, could that really happen? One third of votes that  City Council candidates Lydia Martinez and Manny Ayala received on Tuesday’s Democratic primary came as a result of absentee ballots. That

Ramos Rams Home Explanation

Superintendent of Schools John Ramos says don’t listen to the media, ignore those blogs! Well, since I’m in a good mood today and in the spirit of fairness and goodwill I present for your reading

Finch Steps Up For Nurses

Mayor Bill Finch and city labor representatives are moving closer to resolving the pay dispute between city school nurses and  Superintendent of Schools John Ramos. (See prior commentary for details.)

Cuckoo Cuckoo: Nurses Ratchet Up Ramos Pay Diss

Where’s Nurse Ratchet when you need her? Well, a lot of nurses working for the city wouldn’t mind examining the brain cells of Superintendent of Schools John Ramos. School nurses that come under the