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Newton, The Moses Of His Peeps, Wins Endorsement — What Say You?

Former State Senator Ernie Newton won the Democratic endorsement on Monday for his old seat. It continues Newton’s quest for “redemption” following corruption charges that sent him to prison and a

Check Out The Zoo’s Birthday Bash

Gregg Dancho, director of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, shares some history as the state’s only zoo celebrated 90 years on Saturday. From the zoo: Zoo’s 90th Birthday Party to Feature Regional Great

Did Shays’ Campaign Shoot Itself In The Foot?

A Hearst Newspapers story raised a question — Shays: Did McMahon trade WrestleMania tix for endorsement? The campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chris Shays claimed, with no credible

Bridgeport GOP Split Over McMahon-Shays Battle

Former Congressman Christopher Shays lives in Bridgeport. It would appear he’d have most of the city’s Republican political establishment supporting him in his nomination fight for U.S. Senate. He

Will The Shooting Wake Up A Sleepy Electorate?

It’s been a long time since Bridgeport has experienced a wave of violence such as the first four months of 2012. It’s been worse, much worse. Hopefully, we’ll not revisit what it was like in the late

Lonely Bridgeport Republicans War Against Tax Hike

It’s tough to be relevant as a local political party when you’re outgunned nine to one by registration. Bridgeport Republican Town Chair John Slater is trying to change that. Slater and the new young

Video Of Mayor Finch’s Budget Meeting In Black Rock

Mayor Finch’s Next Public Budget Session April 11, 6 P.M. Black Rock Library

Mayor Bill Finch will conduct the second in a series of presentations about his proposed city budget on Wednesday April 11, 6 p.m. at the Black Rock library branch, 2705 Fairfield Avenue. The mayor is