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Why Strong Department Heads Matter: John Marsilio

Joe Riccio’s departure as executive director of the Bridgeport Port Authority buoys the importance of strong decision makers in department and agency roles. Riccio, a good guy who had a mighty run as

Every Day Was The Fourth Of July

Fourth of July weekend: fireworks, burgers, buns, beers, political bantering. Has me thinking about my favorite political campaigns because the 2009 cycle — so far — is death valley. I’ve been
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The Himes-McKinney Clash

Jodi Rell isn’t the only Republican spewing over a Democratic budget proposal that she says will tax Connecticut residents into the poor house. Senate Minority Leader John McKinney of Fairfield is
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P.T.’s Political Paraders

It’s Barnum Festival weekend. Step right up to gawk a collection of great (and near great) elected officials ride, glide and slide up Park Avenue to greet the masses in anticipation of a mega 2010
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Could You Vote For Joe?

So, the other day I’m munching on some sweet eats at Amici Miei, a new Italian cafe and wine bar on Main Street downtown, when a friend asked the following: I hear Joe Ganim’s getting out of prison
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Lobbying With Two Forks

Do you eat with two forks? Let’s see now, that allows for some pretty good surf and turf action, no? A stab of filet mignon on one fork, a little lobster tail on the other. How about a glass from a
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Sucking Up To The Lordies

Don’t ya just love those wimpy pols in Bridgeport East, better known as Stratford. See, Stratford pols are simply Bridgeport pols that moved east a bit, just across all those bridges on the East Side
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How’s Dodd Doing? Yikes

A guy like me has nothing better to do than to harass party politicians both Democrat and Republican about their candidate preferences. Next year, 2010, is a  Goliath election year and the cycle has
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