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Why Strong Department Heads Matter: John Marsilio

Joe Riccio’s departure as executive director of the Bridgeport Port Authority buoys the importance of strong decision makers in department and agency roles. Riccio, a good guy who had a mighty run as

Every Day Was The Fourth Of July

Fourth of July weekend: fireworks, burgers, buns, beers, political bantering. Has me thinking about my favorite political campaigns because the 2009 cycle — so far — is death valley. I’ve been

The Himes-McKinney Clash

Jodi Rell isn’t the only Republican spewing over a Democratic budget proposal that she says will tax Connecticut residents into the poor house. Senate Minority Leader John McKinney of Fairfield is

P.T.’s Political Paraders

It’s Barnum Festival weekend. Step right up to gawk a collection of great (and near great) elected officials ride, glide and slide up Park Avenue to greet the masses in anticipation of a mega 2010

Could You Vote For Joe?

So, the other day I’m munching on some sweet eats at Amici Miei, a new Italian cafe and wine bar on Main Street downtown, when a friend asked the following: I hear Joe Ganim’s getting out of prison

Lobbying With Two Forks

Do you eat with two forks? Let’s see now, that allows for some pretty good surf and turf action, no? A stab of filet mignon on one fork, a little lobster tail on the other. How about a glass from a

Sucking Up To The Lordies

Don’t ya just love those wimpy pols in Bridgeport East, better known as Stratford. See, Stratford pols are simply Bridgeport pols that moved east a bit, just across all those bridges on the East Side

How’s Dodd Doing? Yikes

A guy like me has nothing better to do than to harass party politicians both Democrat and Republican about their candidate preferences. Next year, 2010, is a  Goliath election year and the cycle has