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Mayor Finch Begins Budget Hearings; What Say You?

Mayor Bill Finch submitted his proposed budget Monday night that spanks city homeowners several hundred dollars more a year in taxes, most of it to cover additional education and pension spending.

Is the school board issue about democracy or sanity?

Last week the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled the state takeover of schools illegal and ordered a special election for four school board seats. Governor Dannel Malloy and legislative leaders at the

Chief Gaudett: A Curfew Cannot Work Without Community Support

Bridgeport Police Chief Joe Gaudett told City Council members Monday night that police cannot enforce an 11 p.m. youth curfew unless the entire community — from residents to educators to social

Bridgeport Pay Hike Question: Essential Or Excessive?

Mayor Bill Finch says pay increases to roughly 80 non-classified city positions are necessary to attract quality job applicants. Opponents claim the city ordinance pushing salary hikes is being rushed

Vallas, New School Chief, Gutsy Reformer

Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Paul Vallas has seen it all when it comes to struggling school districts. He’s been hired, on an interim basis, to tackle Bridgeport’s struggling “system of

This Police Brawl Could Cost You Money

The Stratford woman pulled to the floor, as shown in this video, in the Bridgeport Police Department booking area last year has filed a federal lawsuit against city police. For more on this and what

Would You Vote For Ernie Newton?

The municipal election cycle is over. The page has turned to the 2012 presidential election season and a boatload of races for state and federal office. One high-profile pol who has made his

Paul Leka, Songwriter, RIP

Paul Leka, as a young man from Bridgeport, wrote one of the greatest anthems in Rock & Roll history. He passed away a few days ago. (Check out my daily webzine at