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Mayoral Endorsements For Foster

Two months from a Democratic mayoral primary and the campaign season’s in full swing. Mayoral candidate Mary-Jane Foster issued this news release today: Two Bridgeport Titans Endorse Foster for Mayor

Mario Testa’s Beef With P.T. Barnum

  This billboard on the Route 25-8 Connector has prompted Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, a supporter of Mayor Bill Finch, to file this complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

Foster Versus Finch Poll Results

Democratic mayoral candidate Mary-Jane Foster has gained ground on Mayor Bill Finch in a new poll conducted by the Merriman River Group. She trails Finch by seven points. Finch has large leads over

The School Board Mess, So Many Questions

The Bridgeport Board of Education threw in the towel Tuesday night. We’re incompetent, they voted by a 6-3 margin, let the state take over the schools. Board President Barbara Bellinger says she had

Foster Calls For The School Chief’s Resignation

John Ramos makes a quarter of a million a year as head of the school system of Connecticut’s largest city, but now says the system is dysfunctional under his leadership (or lack of) and requires state

Is Asking The State To Takeover Education Failure Or Reform?

It seemed inevitable given Superintendent of Schools John Ramos’ plea for financial help for struggling city schools. CT Post reporter Linda Conner Lambeck chronicles the request by Ramos and Mayor

Why Didn’t Education Officials Scream Sooner?

School finances are a nightmare. Hundreds of teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, social workers, psychologists, literacy coaches and more could be cut as school officials respond to yet

The Pension Debate: A Reader Challenges The CT Post

John Marshall Lee, a Black Rock resident who organized a financial watchdog group to examine the finer points of the Bridgeport city budget, takes issue with the Connecticut Post Editorial Board’s