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Grant Hill a Celtic? Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis a Spur?

More rumors…Glen Davis going. Grant Hill arriving.

Gary Tanguay, who got the Rasheed signing right, way before everyone else did, is now saying that he believes Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis is heading to Texas to sign with the San Antonio Spurs.

He thinks the Spurs will offer the same full mid level exception ($5.8 mil.) amount that the Celtics were able to land Rasheed for.

It is expected that the Celtics will not match that amount, thus making Davis a Spur.

Tanguay is also suggesting that a visit by Glenn ‘Doc’ Rivers to Grant Hill later this week will bring Hill into the Celtic fold.

If it does happen, that takes care of two of the biggest holes the Celtics’ needed to fill. They still need a solid back-up at point guard for Rajon Rondo. Stephon Marbury has dismissed the Celtics’ veteran minimum offer of $1.3 million to return to the team this season.

If Hill (37 in Oct.) joins Wallace (35 in Sept.) with the Celtics, they get quite a bit older, but bring in two special players with boatloads of talent and experience. Wallace has been to the mountain (NBA Championship). Hill has never left the first round.

But Hill has made the best of a career filled with injury. He played 82 games last season for the first time in his career, but he played heavier minutes (29.8) than he wanted to at this point in his career. He’s not a three point shooter, but has an excellent mid-range game (.523 from the field last year) and plays a well rounded offensive game. He had a double/double in a game last season when Steve Nash was out with 14 points, 12 assists, while adding 4 rebounds and 2 steals.

Hill played for Rivers in Orlando, so there is a connection and familiarity there that could move Hill towards signing. He has been reported as being “intrigued” by the Celtics. They can only offer the Bi- Annual Exception at $1.9 million to Hill, who played for under $2 mil. last season

If Glen Davis signs with San Antonio, he moves from one of the league’s top programs to another. The Gregg Popovich Spurs have a highly disciplined system (like the Celtics) and try to find players that fit what they are trying to do as a team.

Davis has had success against the Spurs, surprising everyone with some fine defensive work against Tim Duncan.

I’ll put it up as soon as something happens.

The Celtics are trying to counter moves by the Lakers (signing Ron Artest), the Cavaliers, (trading for Shaq), and the Magic (trading for Vince Carter).

So far, so good.

Thomas Halzack

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