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Davis Deals Denied, Daniels Deal Delay


I said that Danny had one more player to pick-up (back up point guard). I could have been underestimating him.

To summarize recent Celtic news and to elaborate on some things that hit the internet the past few days….

Glen Davis is popular after all….and for much more than the minimum.

Davis aims for a payday

Davis aims for a payday

Marc Spears reported in the Globe that at least three teams made sign & trade offers that the Celtics weren’t interested in doing.  Those teams?  It didn’t say, but Utah, Detroit, Memphis, Dallas and Portland are five teams that could still be interested in Davis.

He also mentioned that an unnamed GM says that Big Baby will be among the next group of free agents that will be signed. In that group are Drew Gooden and Lamar Odom.

It makes sense. The biggies are quickly finding homes now. Glen could be a very nice pick up for someone as a solid bench player.

Ford Rumors

One rumor making the boards is that T.J. Ford could be included in the deal for Marquis Daniels to the Celtics. It is from no official source, so take it for what it is. But keep this in mind…something appears to be keeping the Daniels deal from completion.

A number of things are strange about Ford in that deal….

1) Ford makes $8.5 mil this season with a player option for the same amount next year.

2) He wants to be a starter, (or at least play 25-30 minutes a game).

3) That would mean moving $8 mil more in players, (trade exceptions?) from the Celtics…or a third team.

4) The Pacers wouldn’t have an experienced starting point guard (sometimes starter, newly acquired Earl Watson is the closest thing).

5) Ford seems to rub team mates the wrong way. He had problems in Toronto. He got into an altercation with Jarrette Jack last season.

6) Rondo is head strong, cocky and at times, moody or sensitive. Get where I’m going here?

Either this rumor is just blowing up a casual mention, or bigger things would have to happen for this to make sense.

What bigger things?

Purely conjecture (WAG), but it isn’t completely crazy to think that Ainge might actually deal Rondo, IF he has a solid starting point guard to replace him with. T.J. Ford qualifies. Though oft injured, Ford is a solid talent at PG when healthy.

I don’t see Rondo going to Indy, but Glen Davis might be a fit along with other expiring contracts to make it happen.

Beyond that, Danny benefits from a sign and trade versus just picking up Daniels with the Bi-Annual Exception so that he could use the BAE on a leftover talent that didn’t get in on the early money. Bargain basement pick-up, so to speak. Ike Diogu, Joe Smith, Sean May, etc.

Matt Barnes is still out there. He would be another option to guard long small forwards and he can hit the three. He is looking for more money, but if he doesn’t find it……(just in, Barnes might be signing with Orlando)

Red’s Army had a look at who might come to Boston in a S&T with Detroit with Pick a Piston. Spears said that they are still interested in Davis even though they just added Chris Wilcox to newly signed Charlie V.

Of the group, Jason Maxiell looks like the guy it would be, to me. The Pistons have already discovered Maxiell’s limitations. They are kind of the opposite of Glen’s. But both have their own set of strong and weak points. I think Davis would thrive there.

Former Cav assistant coach Kuester would be instituting a new defensive mind set with his new Piston roster, but he must know that the new Pistons are built to score, more than grind it out.

Rich McCosky of the Detroit News has it this way….

But president Joe Dumars’ vision for the next era of Pistons basketball has taken shape and here’s what it looks like: It’s young (average age 25), fast and athletic, a collection of highly skilled, offensive-oriented interchangeable parts, the core of which just now is reaching its prime.

He adds that defense will be important, so the Offense will be better and the new young team should get up and down the court more…

The days of holding teams below 90 points are over. But so are the days of slogging around in boring half-court sets and struggling to score 90 points. This new model of Detroit Basketball that Dumars has built is much more sleek and slick, and should go from zero to 100 much smoother than the old model.

That sounds perfect for Big Baby Davis. He is a very good open court player, and can work well with a moving offense. If Wilcox gets his minutes more at center, that gives Davis a solid opportunity to back up Charlie V….especially if Maxiell is the player in the S&T.

Maxiell would fit pretty well with the Celtics, more in a Leon Powe type role. I think that Baby is a better player, though.

Again, I’m just throwing these thoughts out there. Any better ideas? Let me know.

Anyway, it looks like Danny Ainge is working all possibilities and something new and surprising might come down.

It has been quite a mobile summer for free agents and trades so far. It isn’t over yet, either.

Thomas Halzack