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Glen Davis: G-force?

lawd have meh-say. What is the world coming to?

Everyone’s all a twitter.

Twitter? Yeah, that new social communication thing that’s nothing really more than a cross between a short e-mail, a text message, and an instant message. Just what the world needs. Another form of electronic communication. We’ve been starving for that, right?

Anyway, now you can “follow” (read that: look over someone’s shoulder) at the random ‘twits’ they make each day.

They could be meant for anyone who reads them. They could be answers to specific tweets to them. Yeah, I know. It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

Anyway, I become the ultimate hypocrite as I use a Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis tweet to make part of my story here.

Most of what is tweeted (by most of the tweets that I’ve seen by everyone I checked) is nonsensical and/or low level banter, IMO. Davis’ are no different. Silly or unimportant…stuff.

Glen’s trying on a new nickname. He likes G-Force and is wondering if his Twitter followers do too. Here’s his twitter address…

Breaking news – I just saw that a new animated movie coming out is called G-Force. It’s all about martial arts trained Guinea Pigs as the heroes. I don’t know whether Davis knew that or not. He’s  a guy with a wild sense of humor. Maybe he did.

Hey, I like the idea, anyway. The nickname ‘Big Baby’ seems to invite abuse. That is why I usually refer to him as ‘Glen Davis’ in anything I write.  I want to give him the respect he doesn’t always insist upon himself. I’m old (er). I think like that.

One of the other things I wanted to mention was that he did have two tweets that caught my eye….

next season you ll see the real bigbaby!!!


You know what’s so bad ! You guys haven’t seen anything yet! I haven’t played my best!!! It gets better!

Both thoughts are exactly what I want to hear from Glen. They are what I’ve believed from the start. We aren’t seeing the whole Big Baby yet. (insert joke here)

The idea that Davis was a weak link helped only by the presence of the Big Three is incorrect. No doubt the Big Three help everyone to some extent, including Rondo. But Davis’ role was narrowly defined last season. More important, he was asked to become good in things that weren’t his natural strengths. In some things he got a lot of latitude (jump shooting). In others he didn’t (creating around the hoop – like a running hook shot).

Davis can be a good facilitator on offense. He has good instincts and has shown a good ability to pass at times. With Rasheed arriving, it’s hard to say if Davis’ role will change at all. I can’t see it getting bigger. His minutes will go down.

Just like Leon Powe has a jump shot that he wasn’t really able to use, Davis has skills that haven’t been developed as of yet. Maybe we will get to see a bit more of those this season.

But there is still a good possibility that Glen gets traded, too.

Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports reports that the New Jersey Nets are interested in him….

The New Jersey Nets are among the teams who have expressed interest in Boston Celtics restricted free-agent forward Glen Davis(notes), a league source said Monday.

and as a follow up to yesterday’s article, other teams have made offers….

The Celtics have said they would match any reasonable offer for Davis. The Detroit Pistons, New Orleans Hornets and Portland Trail Blazers, league sources said, tried to work a sign-and-trade deal for Davis only to be rebuffed by the Celtics. Boston did offer Davis and guards J.R. Giddens(notes) and Gabe Pruitt(notes) to the Pistons for forward Jason Maxiell(notes) and a first-round pick, but was quickly turned down.

The Pistons probably offered Kwame Brown and the Celtics countered with Jason Maxiell and the #1 draft pick offer , which the Pistons refused. While I think that Davis will be a better rebounder this season, Maxiell is a solid rebounder now, especially on the offensive boards, and an inside presence.

With all their shooters, Detroit needs that more than what Glen might bring to them. That makes me wonder why Detroit is still interested in Davis. That team needs rebounding in the worse way. Hmmm……

New Orleans has a few possibilities, but the only one I’d want is the return of James Posey. I’d doubt that Danny would do that, if offered.

Portland could have offered Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw, or Martell Webster straight up. My guess is that they offered Martell Webster. Until they get another PG, they need Blake. Nate McMillan doesn’t have confidence in Jerrod Bayless to take over.

If Outlaw was offered, I believe that Danny might have said yes, unless Travis is making noise about a big new contract. This is his contract year. But $4 mil expiring has value as well. Travis has established himself as a clutch 4th quarter shooter for the Blazers.

The other new rumor is that Stephon Marbury will be a Celtic again. It is reported here at CelticsBlog by another website (New England Sports 24/7) that crashed after it made the news.

It says that the Celtics have offered him the Bi Annual Exception for $1.99 million. Seeing that he has no other viable options, it could be real. Though his recent efforts here were disappointing, for that money, and having a whole training camp, I’d be okay with that.

So that is it campers. May the G-Force be with you.

I don’t think you can make up your own nickname like that, can you? It might require a change in the CBA, I think.

Just kidding Glen. You know that, right?

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