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Mid Summer Night Dreams – Stacked Wizards

A number of thoughts are rolling through my head on July 23rd.

Right now I’m thinking about….

Stacked teams

Everyone is loading up. Super teams are getting the ink. The Spurs have made out big time. Orlando is vacuuming up free agents left and right. The Cs are busy and stronger. The Cavs, too. Dallas is better.  But the down trodden Washington Wizards come to mind first.

Not that I put them anywhere near the same category with the super teams. But they will show marked improvement this season, unless something crazy happens.

Here is their roster right now…

0 Arenas, Gilbert PG 6-4 215 1/6/82 8 Arizona
32 Blatche, Andray FC 6-11 260 8/22/86 4 None
3 Butler, Caron GF 6-7 228 3/13/80 7 Connecticut
8 Crittenton, Javaris G 6-5 198 12/31/87 2 Georgia Tech
15 Foye, Randy G 6-4 210 9/24/83 3 Villanova
33 Haywood, Brendan C 7-0 263 11/27/79 8 North Carolina
13 James, Mike PG 6-2 188 6/23/75 9 Duquesne
4 Jamison, Antawn F 6-9 235 6/12/76 11 North Carolina
34 McGee, JaVale FC 7-0 242 1/19/88 1 Nevada
5 McGuire, Dominic GF 6-9 230 10/20/85 2 Fresno State
6 Miller, Mike GF 6-8 218 2/19/80 9 Florida
2 Stevenson, DeShawn SG 6-5 218 4/3/81 9 None
1 Young, Nick GF 6-7 205 6/1/85 2 USC

and they are rumored to be adding recently released, back up big, Fabricio Oberto!

They are stacked but they can they keep everyone happy there? There just aren’t enough minutes to go around. Those are the situations I’d look at for a trade. But what trade would interest the Wizards?

They have a nice blend of youth and veterans. Their ‘big three’ are signed through the next few years.

Save Gilbert Arenas’ contract, they are in relatively good shape contract-wise. They are over the cap at $76 mil this season. But they have $32 million in expiring contracts with Mike Miller, Mike James and Brendon Haywood.

They have some very nice low and/or reasonably priced young players in Javale McGee, Dominic McGuire, Randy Foye, Andre Blatche, and Nick Young.

I was thinking that they have too many bigs to develop and keep happy right now with 7′ Brendon Haywood, 6′ 11″ Andre Blatchely, and summer league hero 7′ Javale McGee. He was just invited to join Team USA for trials. I was trying to think of a trade the Celtics could make to get one of them. But then it is reported that they want to add a vet big like Oberto, too? Ideas?

I really like Leon Powe’s old room mate 6′ 9″ SF Dominic McGuire. he’s a skilled player, can defend, has those ‘intangibles’, is patient and knows his place. Randy Foye can play. Ditto Mike Miller. (Don’t judge him on last year’s suppressed play.) The question is….

Where will the minutes come from? A few players are going to be unhappy. It has to be. The younger players like McGuire, McGee, and perhaps Nick Young will probably be patient. McGuire said as much to me as last season wound down. He knows the minutes that were there last season are gone.

The Wizards have a lot of guys used to playing serious minutes. Will they all buy into a D.C. version of ubuntu? Can Flip Saunders, Butler, Jamison, and Arenas pull that off in their locker room?

Would they trade any for more expirings? How about  a back up point guard? If they have a need, it is for a classic back up point guard. A change in offense with offensive minded Flip Saunders and a solid passer who wouldn’t mind playing just 12-15 minutes would be in heaven here. Unfortunately, the Cs don’t have that to offer, either.

It doesn’t seem like the Cs have what it would take. Tony Allen needs a team that would believe him enough to give him minutes to resurrect his career. Scal is a solid role playing big. But I don’t see how the Wizards want him over anyone I would want for him, except perhaps McGuire.  Eddie House could be valuable and his skill set is replaceable.  The Wiz also don’t have any reason to want to move anyone.

With all the super teams being strengthened, the Washington Wizards aren’t getting much pub right now. But they are everyone’s favorite team to make the biggest jump this season. They have a ‘balance of talent’ up and down the line up. The big question is if they will play defense. They have the talent to.

All off season indications are that the players are approaching things much like the off season Celtics did during the summer that they got Kevin Garnett. They are getting players together, playing, and bonding right now on their own.

This should be a team to reckon with. They won’t be an easy out like last season. But will winning keep everyone happy? I’m wondering.

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Thomas Halzack

3 Responses

  1. JB says:

    “Mitchell? Do you mean Jordan?”

    Yes, of course.. ;>)

    “Flip burned out? Not sure why you would say that.”

    Too many years in Minn. and a chance at redemption in Detroit, spoiled by locker room bickering and lack of support from Dumas.

  2. halzack says:


    interesting take on the frontline.

    My own feelings? Like Perkins, Haywood took time to develop. I never liked him until 2 years ago. Haywood was playing the best ball of his career that year. stats indicated that they were a much better defensive team with him on the court. Then the injury.

    Blatche a 3/4? more like a 4 that has been playing the 5. He has had flashes of solid play. He is inconsistent. I doubt that McGee will be the starter if Haywood is back. But it will be nice if he got more PT this season.

    Mitchell? Do you mean Jordan? Or were you hoping that Mitchell was hired?

    By saying they should be a team that will “be reckoned with”, I’m not putting them into ‘serious contender’ category either, but a team that will give any team trouble on any given night. That will be true
    if Saunders gets the best out of this roster.

    Flip burned out? Not sure why you would say that.

  3. JB says:

    “they have too many bigs…”

    Aside from the unwillingness to defend you mentioned, they are actually very thin up front.
    Haywood is past his (never very) prime and oft injured. Blachte is a 3/4, so imagine Jamal McGee as the starting center; with who as back up?
    Yes, they should have a major turnaround, if Arenas plays up to potential and doesn’t interfere with the other scorers, but a serious contender? I don’t think so….
    I also think they got the worse of the coaching switch. Mitchel imho is one of the best…. Flip may be burned out…