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Kerber/NY Post Cool Down Davis Rumor

I quoted Fred Kerber of the New York Post’s earlier missive on Davis in the previous article evaluating S&T possibilities.

At any rate, here is what Mr. Kerber has to say about the rumors from today….

There are reports that the Nets and Celtics are working on a sign and trade for Glen “Big Baby” Davis and that it could happen real soon with the Nets surrendering Yi Jianlian.

That’s news to both sides.

People in Boston and New Jersey both squashed the notion. Nets insiders confirm that there have been inquiries about Davis “to see what’s up and what they’re looking for,” one source said. Both sides insist they have not been working on a sign and trade.

That is obviously different than what Justin and Alex were hearing. As usual, all rumors must be taken with a grain of salt. Things are fluid and the dynamics changing in many of those situations, I’d imagine.

The official answer given to Mr. Kerber must also be taken with a grain of salt. With 15 contracts taking up roster space, the Nets can’t add Davis without dropping or trading someone else. An S&T would be a logical option….and a possibility.

Thomas Halzack

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