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Will New Jersey Net Glen Davis?

Justin Poulin just intimated on his CelticStuffLive show that he feels strongly that Glen Davis to New Jersey is ‘close to a done deal’. (paraphrase)   Because it isn’t finished yet and the Celtics’ return player(s) hasn’t been confirmed yet, Justin prefers to wait until it is done.

Alex of NES 247 also called in, hearing a similar rumor from his unnamed source, and he thinks it is for Yi Jianlian. If you remember, Danny liked Yi the year he was drafted.

Let’s call this a multiple sourced, unconfirmed rumor at this point.

Justin thinks that Eduardo Najera may be the player coming back, but admits that is a guess. He’s looking at salaries that fit.

Because the Nets have the maximum 15 players on the roster,  a trade would be necessary unless they waived a player. Because Davis is a Base Year Compensation player, only half of his salary counts in a trade. That means the Nets can only trade players worth half of Davis’ new salary, unless another player is included, which means other Net must go, too.

One recent internet rumor put up was by the New York Post’s Fred Kerber about Hakim Warrick and Glen Davis.

The Nets are interested in both, but they have been interested in Davis for while. Fred Kerber….

Two power forward free agent names have resurfaced on the Nets’ landscape, Hakim Warrick and Glen “Big Baby” Davis. The Nets have made strong inquiries about both players.

and this….

“There is a sincere interest,” Davis’ agent, John Hamilton, said of the Nets.

All those teams interested in Davis (and there have been many) have been roadblocked by the Cs announcement that they would match all reasonable offers. Please highlight the word reasonable. I translated that to mean $3.5 to $4.5 million a while ago. I think that’s still right.

While the Nets have not have the best options, they have the most options that I would like, or at least feel the Celtics were getting a good player or two back from. Najera is just one Net player who is low cost enough and good enough to help the Celtics.

Here are eight Net players and salaries that could possibly be in play first from a salary perspective, then eliminations are made after:

PG 6′ 2″ Rafer Alston $5.2 mil. (one year)

SG 6’5″ Trenton Hassell $4.3 mil. (one year)

PG 6′ 3″ Keyin Dooling $3.5 mil.  ( second year $3.8)

Forward 6′ 8″ Eduardo Najera $3.1 mil. (descending next two year)

PF 6′ 11″ Yi Jianlian $3.2 mil (team option next season @$4.0)

Forward 6′ 7″ Jarvis Hayes $2.0 mil. (one year)

F/C 6′ 1o” Josh Boone $2.0 ($3.0 QO next year)

Forward 6′ 10″ Sean Williams $1.6 mil ($2.5 Team Option next year)

Looking at that list,  Yi is more long term, than any of the other players. But the Nets did a decent job of acquiring low priced talent that can play certain roles, IMO.

But to break that down further, these are the least likely, IMO:

Trenton Hassell is a poorer duplicate of the role reserved for Marquis Daniels. Though an attractive expiring contract, he can’t be it. He’s out.

Rafer Alston – though the Cs could use a solid back up PG, and he’s only on a one year deal (which is very attractive) But other players would have to be involved, due to BYC. Also, it’s small for a big, which doesn’t seem to matter as much length of contracts anymore. But still.

Jarvis Hayes– Being that there are other rumors about Bruce Bowen becoming a Celtic from Celticsblog, I’d say that puts Jarvis Hayes out of the picture, too. Nice role player, though.

Josh Boone is eliminated as well.  His salary works. He is the Nets back up center, is cheap, and has developed into a productive, though a terrible foul shooter and limited offensive player. Of Sean Williams and he, the Nets far prefer Boone.

Through recent rumors and Marbury’s own utterings, it seems like Stephon might have the back up point role in hand on the Celtics.

Keyon Dooling – That would mean that Keyon, a player who I think is under rated and I’ve liked for a while, is out as well. That’s too bad. Good defender.  I think he’d fit a nice role with the Celtics. His three point shooting has even improved, though his shot selection is questionable at times. He underwent arthroscopic surgery on May4 (loose particles – right hip) and is expected to be ready for camp.

Who might it be, then?

That leaves Yi Jianlian, Eddie Najera, and Sean Williams.

It could be Yi Jianlian for Baby straight up, as Alex suggests. The Nets have been hot and cold on him since they got him. They know he needs playing time to develop, but even on a rebuilding team, he wasn’t getting consistent minutes. While many will debate who is the better player, it will be swapping a lottery pick for a second rounder.

Before everyone thinks it’s a complete coup, remember the rumors were Yi would be a Celtic now, if the Celtics didn’t trade the pick as part of getting Ray Allen. But getting him back with a second round pick is savvy on Danny’s part anyway – unless you think that Davis will be the better player over his career.

Davis has better inside numbers, though Yi is a better outside shot. Yi has shown some ability to be a passer, and is athletic, but has zero post game (.465 eFG% inside).

The other option would be hard working, but oft injured energy guy, Eduardo Najera, possibly straight up, or possibly with a second rounder throw in. Even more remote, Sean Williams and Eddie together. Their salaries are $4.7 combined. Eddie’s recovered from sports hernia surgery on March 13, and is playing ball for Mexico in the FIBA Americ’a Cup.

I like Najera. With limited skills, he plays a nice game around the hoop, is a team guy, and will try to do anything you ask of him. A bad jump shooter (.321 eFG%), he’s strong around the hoop (.657 eFG%) and offensive rebounds very well – 17.5% of all possibilities in last year’s injury abbreviated season (27 games).

Sean Williams – If the Cs get Sean and Marbury to go with Rasheed, I hope that Doc Rivers has a blood pressure machine near by. I’d love to be a fly on the wall at those practices. Williams has been considered an attitude problem. A terrific shot blocker, he has to learn to play the game. Kind of a 6′ 10″ Gerald Green, I’d guess. He is reported to not be more than 6′ 9″ either. After some D-league time and tough love with the Nets, maybe he’s going to mature. Maybe.

Saying that, he does bring a nice skill to a second unit. It is one skill that this Big Three version of the Celtics hasn’t had. A shot blocker on the second unit.  But he could be POB all over again, if he doesn’t play team defense and so far…. he doesn’t.

If it’s Williams, there is either another player involved or a first rounder thrown in, I’d say.

There has been no mention of a third team involved. It’s straight Nets/Celtics deal.

In conclusion, I’d take any of the players mentioned in a fair deal. Yi is a project in my opinion. Najera would be a good Celtic right now. Williams – who knows.

Thomas Halzack

17 Responses

  1. Tom Halzack says:

    Josh Boone can rebound and is an adequate interior defender, but has a limited offensive game and can’t make a foul shot. Still he should catch on with someone. I’ve watched him since his UConn days as well. Hawks can use a solid big.

    Musicman- I guess no one reads dates on articles. This one won’t die, will it?

  2. Musicman says:

    Sorry for posting late That comment about winning WW2 was cute made me laugh I see somebody else got dates wrong also But NJ still shjould have kept Boone

  3. Sandi says:

    NJ shound have not let Josh Boone go I think they will be sorry I watched him thru his college days hes been up and down a little but due to be up. I hope the Hawks take him I now live in Georgia But from NJ

    Sandi Savannah GA

  4. Thomas Halzack says:

    Musicman – thanks for the comment and all but…
    this was from one year ago. The Allies won the war, Beatles came and went, and Glen Davis re-signed with Boston.


  5. Musicman says:

    I agree I like Big Baby but have always liked Josh Boone I think the Nets will regret getting rid of him. He had a bad year but don’t think he was happy. Put him on the right team he will take off hes already shown he can do that. I hope the Hawks take him since I now live in Georgia

  6. halzack says:

    Well put JB.

    It isn’t…… but it is…..maybe.

  7. JB says:

    “Rumor v proposal what do you ‘propose’?”

    After Ainge 1st. denied the Rondo/Allen to Piston’s proposal and then we got enough details of the lower level of management talks that convinced me (and most others) that overtures were made, it’s hard to believe any more “denials.”

    A rumor is a rumor is a rumor….. just something thrown out there with very little reliable confirmation.

    A proposed transaction with reliable sources that did not go down is another matter and I think (especially with the re-write) that you have handle this curve well.

    The story is in the details…. the more we get, the more we can judge whether it was worth thinking about/reporting, in the first place.

    Keep after it….. even the Herald’s report of Ainge’s (and the Nets) denials of offering Davis to the Nets in a sign and trade has been watered down this morning. Murphy’s latest column contradicts itself from paragraph to paragraph. George Orwell would be proud. LOL!

    “Though the Celts have attempted to include restricted free agent Glen Davis in several sign-and-trade deals with other teams, sources with the C’s and New Jersey shot down a rumor yesterday that both teams were attempting to make such an arrangement work.

    Though the Nets have not approached Davis with an offer sheet, they have made their interest known in the young power forward – interest that still could emerge in the form of a sign-and-trade. “

  8. halzack says:

    “Also i heard last year that the Nets were down on him so if that’s true they’d be willing to deal him.”

    I think that was true. They know that he’s a player with weaknesses. His limitations are mostly on the offensive end. He’s a pretty good post defender, shot blocker.

    At this point, who really knows who’s in play. Another internet source says that they are going over a number of player options. It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out.

    Thank Joe.

  9. Joe Somebody says:

    I’d want Josh Boone out of any of those players. I know in the column you write that he’s the nets backup center and he’s the one they like best out of this group, but the C’s need to get something significant back if they’re giving up Baby, so in my opinion that rules out Najera, as he’s only going to give you defense, rebounding and cheap shots. Boone has always been one of my favorite players since his days back at UCONN and i think if he’s put on a good team he could be a really good player. I think this whole garbage in New Jersey has just brought him down a bit. Also i heard last year that the Nets were down on him so if that’s true they’d be willing to deal him.

  10. halzack says:

    Hedge Knight,

    The idea of up and coming youth as a role player here seems to have taken a back seat to ‘win now at all costs.’

    Saying that, I would have liked Moon for the same reason – a younger body.

    Getting a younger player with talent that they can develop over a few years makes sense. I guess that Yi fits that, though there is a question about real age, too.

    Thanks for your comments.


  11. halzack says:


    Life’s a circle, eh?

    Agree about Hassell and Hayes if Bowen’s not coming. One’s a defender with no offense and the other’s an offensive player who could learn to play better defense. I think I’d like Hayes better. Nice shot and is a solid and active body.

    “Bad News” Williams? lol. I guess so.

    I can’t help thinking that maybe Dooling could be in the picture, in spite of what I wrote. “I don’t believe everything I say.”

    Rumor v proposal what do you ‘propose’?


  12. NetsFan says:

    Whoever started this rumor or take it seriously is plain stupid. Thorn will never give up Yi, new face of Chinese BB for Big Baby.

    It could be another player if they really working out a deal. Possibly Trenton Hassel who used to play with Big Ticket in Mini and a very good defender.

  13. Hedge Knight says:

    In my humble opinion, Boston can afford to take a chance on Yi Jianlian. The Celtics already have a good frontline in Garnett, Perkins, and Wallace. Wallace is far from young. He’s probably good for one, maybe two years. What they need is a tall, young, athletic player whom they can develop. Getting Yi would also mean another shot blocker on the team, as well as another big man who can hit the jumpshot. Boston won’t have to play small-ball anymore.

  14. JB says:

    One more thing….. knowing the source of the Bowen “buzz” and also figuring tat Justin, Alex and Marc Spears would not all be trumpeting a pure message board rumor, I think it’s time we all considered the difference between a “rumor” and a proposal that may not actually become a completed deal….

  15. JB says:

    ooops, sorry…..upon re-reading, I do see the base year comp. reference.

    “Because Davis is a Base Year Compensation player, only half of his salary counts in a trade. That means the Nets can only trade players worth half of Davis’ new salary, unless another player is included, which means other Net must go, too.”

    That’s what happens when I read this stuff with 4 hours sleep. LOL

    I am a big Yi fan….. remember Ainge’s wisecrack about how great he looked “playing against a chair?” LOL

    …..but there would still be a need for a rebounder strong man in the paint, so I think the Najera inclusion makes a lot of sense.

  16. JB says:

    It is a very flattering and well written piece, but I have a question for both of you.
    Has anyone contemplated the “base year compensation” situation/complication?
    As I understand the issue, if C’s sign and trade Davis, they can only take back 1/2 of his salary.
    Is there a “loophole” that I am not aware of?
    Sean Williams? Can you spell Marvin “Bad News” Barnes? Now if you include Tony Allen in a deal that includes Williams that might be a fair trade. ;>)
    If they don’t get Bowen, I do think Hayes or Hassell could be in the picture, as in spite of all the print to the contrary, Daniels can not guard the bigger wings (Kobe/LeBron).

  17. Nice, thorough write-up Tom!