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The Glen Davis Twitter Faker Caper

George Fennemen:

“The story you are about to see is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.”

Joe Friday: “This is the city. Boston, Massachusetts. I work here… I’m a cop.”

“It was Thursday, August 6th. It was raining in Boston. We were working bunko…”

Word has just come out that Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis isn’t himself.

What I mean is that the supposed Big Baby tweeter is really an imposter…or so says Glen Davis and the tweeter now. And so says the Boston Herald who had published an article earlier centered around a series of frustrated, impatient and negative tweets by said Big Baby.

Joe Friday: “Uh-huh. Right…… Just the facts, please, mam.

Here were the first string of tweets in the first Herald article….

“Why is this (expletive deleted) taking so long!!! I really don’t understand!!!!

Anybody knows what’s going on with the Celtics? Cause I don’t!!!!!

Well I’m not worried about Sheldon!!! Great. Guy and great player!!! But we are different players you know!!!!!

I wonder how the weather (is in) Boston cause I haven’t been there in so long!!!!

I like some of you guys ideas!!!! I going to tell danny (ainge) about some of you guys ideas!!!! I don’t know why then they sign (Williams) before me!!

Well I don’t know where I’m going to be!!! Where (you) guys think I’m going to be!!! Who needs a pf?”

That Herald article made the Yahoo NBA home page as well, (and probably others) spinning itself into the national media.  Fans were taking sides. Media types were seeing blood in the water. The feeding frenzy was on. It was getting ugly. I know, ’cause I’ve seen ugly and I know what ugly looks like. It’s not……pretty.

Apparently Glen Davis saw it all and called Danny Ainge to tell him that isn’t him making those tweets.

Joe Friday: “Right. Curious. Another garden variety case of identity fraud. Twitter hoax. A new form of bunko. Did the new information make it to print?”

Thus the second article from the Herald to confirm the misleading tweets….

Celtics forward Glen Davis, whose name was attached to a rambling string of comments on decrying the lack of progress in his negotiations with the Celtics, told Danny Ainge today that the comments were posted by an unknown imposter.

Apparently feeling the heat from Joe Friday and the Boston police closing in…..

“We have the house surrounded, throw down your tweeter and come out with your hands up.”

a confession was made from the same twitter account  (bigbabybball) as the one thought to belong to Glen Davis…

Don’t be mad at Bigbaby!!!

Sorry guys !!!! This is not Bigbaby ..

You really think this the real Bigbaby!!!! If you think so !!!your wrong…

They all do that once they’re caught. Obsequious cowards. But before those were these…

Plus, I didn’t realize how hard this process was. Now I truly know what it takes to be a pro at every angle. Snice I’m growing up

Thanks for the love guys !! I can’t blame the celtics !! They are doing what’s best for the club.

The answer simply says the comments were made by an “unknown imposter”.  That answer requires more clarification to truly understand what actually happened.

So my question is this….

Are none of the previous tweets from Glen Davis and the account has been a fraud from the start?


Has someone hacked into Davis’ twitter account and made those few ‘impatient’ remarks aimed at the Celtics?

Today is Friday. Let’s put Joe on it. Make no doubt. It’s tough being a cop….policeman nowadays.

All at once you lost your first name. You’re a cop, a flatfoot, a bull, a dick, John Law. You’re the fuzz, the heat; you’re poison, you’re trouble, you’re bad news. They call you everything, but never a policeman.

And with new technologies, there are new ‘unknown imposters’ seeking to avail themselves of it. Though I did, I guess it is really nothing to joke about.

Remember when you just worried about someone stealing your wallet?

And the preacher said….. ‘Can I get a witness?!

(All Dragnet and Joe Friday quotes were inspired by or taken from here.)

Thomas Halzack

2 Responses

  1. halzack says:

    How about a Colin Mochrie of a sham?

    Aptly, this could be called… Whose Line is It Anyway?


  2. Jack Jemsek says:

    I think you need to put a gumshoe on the case, which reminds me of the sneaker network where we used to have where we reliably handed a floppy disk to someone versus sending an e-mail. Back in the day – this kind of crap never would have happened. Defamation. Slander. A sham of a mockery, a mockery of a sham this Tweeter stuff is. And didn’t they go out of business anyway?