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Glen Davis Saga Ending: Re-Signing with Celtics

According to Adrian Wajnarowski of Yahoo! Sports….

Glen “Big Baby” Davis is close to signing a two-year contract to stay with the Boston Celtics, a league source told Yahoo! Sports on Friday night.

The deal is expected to be signed early next week.

Danny said he wanted him back all along.

The team has been investing a lot of time and energy in developing Glen over his two years with the Celtics. Remember, he was getting playing time very early in his rookie season. Many thought, including myself, that Leon Powe would get the early minutes in that rookie season for Glen, and that Glen would get a chance later as he learned the NBA and the Celtics system. It wasn’t the case. Doc preferred Glen from early on.

Then this past season Glen was made the starter when KG went down for the count. He rewarded the Celtics by overcoming an early season slump to shoot 49% from February on and 49% again in the playoffs, while averaging 15.8 pts. per game in the second season, and hitting a buzzer beating game winner.

Adrian added this…

Davis tried to get several teams to offer him the mid-level exception, but a depressed financial market made it hard for that to happen. A handful of teams – including Detroit, New Orleans and New Jersey – discussed sign-and-trade scenarios with the Celtics, but Boston general manager Danny Ainge never wanted to lose him.

Glen will not be getting the same amount of minutes as last season. I’m sure he knows that. But he has a chance to continue learning the game from some of the top big men in it. Rasheed and Kevin are two premiere bigs with very high basketball IQs.

After concentrating on developing his outside shot, making clutch shots, setting picks, and using his girth admirably to defend the league’s best centers, Glen needs to work on his defensive rotations and rebounding to round out a complete game. Developing his little jump hook and a few other moves around the hoop should continue as well.

While Glen will never be a shot blocker, he has shown an ability to pick his spots and getting a few blocks with surprise and timing.  He  has demonstrated exceptionally quick hands, even picking off point guards more than a few times last season.

Assuming this will become reality, Glen’s reduced minutes this season will mean more energy and more activity in less time. Floor burns and peril for first row attenders will be in order for a diving, crashing Glen Davis as he scraps to steal or save the ball.

Davis has some doubters to convince, including all the teams that didn’t think he was worth anywhere near the MLE amount. Some of his growth will depend on what Doc Rivers asks of him in his role this season. Some of it will be his own desire to excel. Some of it will be determined by the minutes played.

Weight issues were among the reasons mentioned that other teams were unwilling to extend Davis a long term contract for serious money. That is understandable. Glen has admitted to playing at about 310 -320 lbs last season. He has been working out this off season utilizing foot fighting as part of his regiment. Whatever works.

Glen’s challenges this season will also be positives, in that, with reduced minutes, he can go all out in the time he is on the court, without worrying about fouls and pacing himself as much. A similar situation for Joel Pryzbilla in Portland worked wonders for his output until he started to play additional minutes. He was averaging an enormous amount of rebounds and shooting a ridiculuous 80% for about half the season last year.

Pryzbilla’s role and skills are are far different, but the idea is the same. With Leon Powe gone, we will have to see how Doc wants to use Glen this year.

With his first multi-million dollar contract under his belt (terms were not mentioned), Glen will have financial security, and can focus on doing what ever is necessary to help the Celtics return to the Finals. A long, drawn out Celtic summer drama will be ending soon.

Edit note:  According to the Boston Herald, Davis will sign a two year contract (it may have a player option for a third year), which will allow the earliest UNrestricted free agency possible…..

By signing for two years, Davis can be an unrestricted free agent at the soonest possible time. (Players must be in the league four years before they can shed the restricted yoke.)

Marbury Out

And Adrian Wajnarowski adds that the Celtics are no longer interested in Stephon Marbury. One must wonder if it was his Summer of Self Love media experiments that helped close the door.

Marquis Daniels Close to Signing

The Boston Herald says….

The Celtics also want to wrap up business with free agent swingman Marquis Daniels by the end of the week……

The Celtics have not found a third team to help facilitate a sign-and-trade arrangement with the Pacers, meaning that Daniels will most likely sign for the $1.9 million biannual exception.

That would bring another much-too-long-standing drama to an end, though not as Marquis would have liked it, I’m sure.

Who will be the 15th Celtic?

So far, that would mean that the Celtics added Rasheed Wallace, Marquis Daniels, Shelden Williams, and re-signed Glen Davis in this off season. That would mean 14 roster spots taken. Second round draft pick Lester Hudson is recovering from a broken finger, and could take that 15th roster spot, if the Celtics don’t find another back up point guard.

Thomas Halzack

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