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Quentin Richardson Sets New Record

I don’t know what the old record is, but I am sure that being traded four times and being on five different teams in one season is a record.

Doing it all in one summer is simply impressive. To have that kind of talent, that so many teams would want you is just…..special.

Adrian Wojnarowski on Yahoosports….

The Minnesota Timberwolves traded Richardson to the Heat for forward Mark Blount, two league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday night.

I kid, of course. But Quentin will make players like Drew Gooden, Kevin Ollie, Eddie House, and other NBA vagabonds feel like deeply planted oak trees – unmovable, stable, and positively secure.

Someone is gaining on them, and he accomplished it in a turbo superburst this off season.

Does this put him near the career record? Naaaah.

While Kevin Ollie is actually close to the career record, that one is held by these three players, all with 12 teams over a career: Chucky Brown, Tony Massenburg, and Jimmy Jackson.

Normally, an oft-traded player can take the positive road that many teams want him, instead of the other way around. Certainly, that has been the case for Eddie House each year. And he would be right. But 5 teams in one off season? I don’t know how you rationalize that experience. He started with New York, then went to Memphis, the LA Clippers, and then Minnesota.

Q’s final summer stop is Miami. This is Richardson’s 8th team in his career.

Adrian Wojnarowski has the news and says that Miami actually wants him. The Heat traded the highly desired Mark Blount for him as proof. Mark Blount. Now, that may be true, but you simply have to laugh at the unspoken significance of that trade. The Heat gave up a player they never wanted in the first place, with a well known self-centered attitude, and who rarely played. What arm twisting or sleight of hand did Minny do to pry Mark from their grasp?

Adrian on…….

This time, Richardson has found a home for his expiring $9.35 million contract. Heat president Pat Riley wants him to bring scoring punch off the bench, and the team plans to give him significant minutes this season.

Richardson is a career 39% shooter. I believe that he did have some injuries last early last season, but that apparently didn’t affect his shooting. He can hit the three ball (35.4% career).

Mark Blount, of Celtic infamy, and one reason why Danny might be using the Brain Doctor in deciding who to give long term contracts to, goes back to the Timberwolves. The Celtics traded him with Ricky Davis primarily for Wally Szczerbiak and Michael Olowakandi in January 2006.

Blount has an expiring contract for $7.9 million.

Thomas Halzack

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