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Axis of Ego, Bad Shooting Lebron, Yi in Low Post, and More

Crickets outside. Crickets in Celtic News.

Call it a Mid Week Round Up….

A)     Great story on the Hall of Fame Inductions by Ken (Ham) Berger of CBS

It’s stranger than fiction.

Isaiah Thomas and arch enemy Larry Brown will both be presenters, in the same room, at the Induction Ceremonies for the Basketball Hall of Fame in nearby Springfield, Ma.

Thomas will present John Stockton for induction, while Larry Brown will present David Robinson.

There is no truth to the rumor that the former point guards will engage in a cage wrestling match before the ceremonies. The combined efforts of the two, led primarily by Isaiah, could be part of a book called Bringing Down the House Knicks. I do understand that Stern will have a uniformed referee standing between them looking for non-incidental contact.

In another surprise move, Jerry Sloan will have Charles Barkley be his presenter. He says his wife came to love Barkley after she saw him standing for an hour signing autographs for kids.

Luckily, Michael Jordan will be inducted as well and get his own exhibit there. Jordan has a surprise presenter in David Thompson, his childhood basketball inspiration.

But this article by Berger is both funny and true.

two great one liners:

1) Only Jordan — who blocked the Knicks from numerous NBA titles during the ’90s — and Bernard Madoff have stolen more from New Yorkers than Larry and Isiah.

2) final line – So please, dignified, decorated and dysfunctional presenters: Play nice. Don’t let your egos get in the way. And repeat after me: It’s not about you.

Not that New York Knick fans want to relive that catastrophe. But still, quite a moment for a whole lot of reasons.

B)   Replacement Refs to start the season? Looks like it.

ESPN’s Marc Stein has it here.

David Stern called off latest talks with Zebra Union. As if we don’t complain about refereeing enough now. Hey, maybe things will get better. The replacements could actually call things by the rules.

C)    At, Rick Barry says….

“Put this down and underline it: I’m a huge LeBron James fan. But he was never taught how to shoot properly, which isn’t his fault. He has a flaw in his shot. I want to see him become even better, and this guy is scary good. He just needs to become a better shooter, especially from the free throw line, where he’s less than 80 percent. I believe there were times when LeBron didn’t even want to get to the line.”

Just what we need, Lebron James shooting better.

D)    Nets will use Yi Jianlian in the low post more this season, Coach Lawrence Frank tells a Chinese website according to Nets Daily.

Will that make him the Low Mein Man this season? How about Beef Low Mein man after working out this summer? Or, are you thinking….. chicken low mein man? Don’t do that to the man. He is young and raw, but getting better. A little added muscle and a new baby hook shot should serve him well.

yawn. I need a nap.

Thomas Halzack

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