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NBA Quick Hits

I’m working on a few things.

In the meantime, I thought I’d comment on a few things that are in the line up for Tuesday.

1) Bobcat point guard Raymond Felton signs Charlotte’s qualifying offer of $5.5 million. The restricted free agent found out what restricted stands for. Both sides were far apart on his value. Raymond didn’t want it affecting his mind set for the season and took the qualifier…for now.

He actually likes playing for Larry Brown and is getting instruction from him on how to be a real point guard, that he wasn’t able to previously. He will battle second year player D.J. Augustin for minutes at PG.

If nothing else, that should make Glen Davis happy…or at least realize it wasn’t just him.

2) Gritty (meaning plays above his actual skills – in this case) Matt Harpring is apparently retiring from the Jazz. The ‘football tough’ small forward is calling it quits after many years of injuries. He was a nice player to watch, but had a hard time staying on the floor with all his injuries

3) Former Celtic point guard Chucky Atkins is being let go from the Minnesota Timberwolves. At his request, he will take a small buy out and be waived. Will the Celtics be interested as the 15th player on the roster and insurance at PG? While his defense is terrible, his offense isn’t too bad and he isn’t afraid to take a shot.

4) Rajon Rondo does an interview with Sports Illustrated that seems rather predictable to me, but has garnered the excitement of many in Celtic Nation. A little humbleness, contriteness and the correct outlook, but nothing really earthshaking there. I did notice that he has gained weight (190) and strength (around 5% body fat).  Good move.

5) The Miami Heat extend the contract of head coach Erik Spoelstra. He has earned it as one of the youngest coaches in the league. He did a fine job getting the confidence of Dwyane Wade and creating the rest of the team. Hard to tell where this team is going long term. They need to land a big fish (or two) to go with Wade, in order to keep in Miami.

6) Veteran Jerry Stackhouse may make the Atlanta Hawks team. He is impressing in TC. I don’t know how much he has left, but his experience might play a role on a team like the Hawks. He used to be a big time scorer. If he is a good clubhouse guy, it is a good pick up.

7) Defensive specialist, shooting guard Keith Bogans has just signed with San Antonio. I guess he takes Ime Udoka’s place. Not a bad pick up, IMO.

That is it for now. I might add more later.

Have a great day!

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