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Celtics and Eddie House: “Unfinished Business”

Eddie House said it best when he was asked why he opted to come back to the Celtics this season (player option for $2.8 million)…

“Unfinished business.”

Jimmy Toscano of shared the entire quote….

“Unfinished business. That nasty taste in my mouth. I didn’t want to leave like that. I had opportunities where I could have went other places, but I love it out here, I love playing out here, I love playing for this organization, I love my teammates, and we just have unfinished business.”

Eddie has just come off a record setting season. He broke Danny Ainge’s all time Celtic record for three point accuracy with 44.4%. He accomplished that while putting up a career high 4.2 per game.

Channeling the Spirit of Harry ‘Slug’ Heilman

A four time Al batting champ of the 1920s, Heilman won one title in 1925 by going 6 for 9 in a final day double header to beat out Tris Speaker .393 to .389.

Just call Eddie House “Slug”.

Embracing the spirit of ‘final day of the season’ baseball batting title winners like Heilman, Eddie needed to make a bunch of three pointers to overtake Danny Ainge’s all time Celtic record for three point shooting accuracy.

Like Harry Heilman, Eddie House ended up going 6 for 9 (in three pointers) on the final day against the Nets, and needed to make his last four straight to get the record.  It was quite a display and the ‘house’ was rockin’.

He also tied his career high with 81 games played and scored a career second best of 691 points total. It was a fine year.

Have Gun, Will Travel

This is the longest he’s ever been with one team since his first three years with the Miami Heat.  One year he was traded twice and played on three different NBA teams – Charlotte, Milwaukee, and Sacramento. Eat your heart out, Quentin Richardson.

He was the first signee after the Celtics got Kevin Garnett. He signed a few days later. He helped talk James Posey into coming to the Celtics to help the new Big Three accomplish something special. His own signing and that critical move helped cement an NBA title.

He talks with his father regularly, receiving ‘after game’ advice, and his son can be seen around the Celtic locker room and games often.

His release is lightning quick. Sometimes the ball barely touches his hands…and hits nothing but net. He can put on a shooting show that boggles the mind and demoralizes the opposition. He score 25 points in 26 minutes against the Heat. He scored 28 points in 20 minutes against the Kings.

He saved his best for the playoffs. Eddie went 11-14 overall and 4-4 from the arc as he scored 31 points against the Magic in a game 2 Celtic win. He followed that up with 15 in the next game by going 6 for 7 overall and 3-4 from the arc.

Unfinished Business is right

After that, the clamps were put on Eddie. He was under ‘House arrest’. The Magic changed their game plan for House and he didn’t score another three pointer in the series. He scored just 16 points total over the last four games, getting shut out in game 4 and generating only two points in game 7 . The Magic didn’t allow him to even shoot a three pointer in games 4 and 6. That was the first time all season that House could not even get a three point shot off. That was some Magic trick.

“I didn’t want to leave like that.”

Eddie House remembers and that won’t be good for opponents.

House didn’t like being wrapped up like that and neither did the World Champion Celtics. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Eddie loves it in Boston and with the Celtics and they love him back. Pass the green bottle of Scope. Call it the Scope Tour. There is some unfinished business to attend to.

Thomas Halzack

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