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Celtics Training Camp and More Tasty Tidbits

The Celtics are in training camp at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island for the week.

While two Celtics (Glen Davis, Kendrick Perkins) have lost big time weight and one (Rajon Rondo) has gained some muscle, we fans are free to munch on whatever tidbits we want to. Except for the latest news on Bill Walker, here are some healthy munchies. Call them chicken soup for the Celtic fan’s soul. Slurp ’em up but don’t get any on your chin. There will be plenty more from where these came from.

Latest updates:

Bill Walker

Walker out….Jeff Clark of had the report from the Globe and other reports.

Bill Walker will return to Boston and have an MRI on his right knee. That is the one he most recently had an operation on. Both knees have had anterior cruciate ligament tears and both have been surgically repaired. I will keep you updated. Tony Allen in

Tony Allen, on the other hand, participated in his first practice of the camp today after sitting out Tuesday’s session.

“I’m not where I want to be, but I’m gonna get it together,” Allen said. “Today when I came in I stretched, started doing my individual stuff and I felt good, I didn’t feel any pulling in my ankle. The swelling felt like it was down, and I said, ‘Why not give it a shot?'”

Glen Davis

Note: Because Glen Davis played about 20 pounds heavier than what was listed (289 lbs.) last season, he lost about 20 pounds and his true weight will actually be around 290 now.

Glen Davis from Scott Souza at

“I added on a lot of muscle. That was the point. My game is that I am a big guy. That’s what I do. So if I lose a lot of weight, I’m like the average player. So I kind of want to stay in my body frame, my weight, just be more conditioned, more toned. Just a comfortable weight where I can be me. Not some different person, different player.” …

I have to agree with that perception. That he’s transforming into a more muscular figure can’t be a bad thing. But, be yourself Glen. The serious intense player self, I mean.

Kendrick Perkins

Jessica Camerato of WEEI had the weight loss of Kendrick Perkins and his ‘scary’ moment. I know he wasn’t afraid of Rasheed, no matter what he says….

Kendrick Perkins is heading into training camp 15 pounds lighter than last season and is down to 270 pounds, his lightest total in three years. Perkins did not have a weight-loss regimen but rather trimmed down during his workouts. … His shoulder, which he has dislocated in the past, feels better than it has “in a while.”

(Kendrick) has been impressed by Wallace on and off the court. Even though he did not know what to expect at first — “I didn’t know. I was just waiting to see. It was kind of like scary for a moment,” he said — Perkins praised Wallace’s versatile game and pointed out he is a great addition to the locker room.

Paul Pierce

Jessica also has Paul Pierce’s view of pacing himself this season and playing fewer minutes even if it means losing  a game or two…

Even though Doc Rivers would prefer to cut back on the veterans’ minutes this season, Pierce refuses to sacrifice playing time for wins. “I’m not willing to lose nothing. Next question. I don’t understand that, losing. No.”

Rajon Rondo

Keeping with the healthy tidbits theme, Jessica had this on Rondo….

Rondo, 23, gained 11 pounds this summer “because I’m growing up.” He trained with a new weight-lifting routine, ate three meals a day, and cut fast food from his diet. He also plans on hiring a chef.

It has been noted everywhere that the gain is muscle from some apparently serious summer weightlifting work outs. Rondo has also been working with Mark Price on his shooting form and has come back looking better. He is keeping his elbow in more and that should eventually pay off.

Kevin Garnett

There is so much stuff out there on Kevin Garnett and his recovering knee, that I’m going to let that one ride. Kevin is participating in practice, though Doc pulled him after 75% of the first day’s practice and scrimmages. KG said he tired. Doc said that he had to fight to pull Garnett out. We will watch this progress day by day.

KG says he can’t run all out yet, but he’s 85-90% there, especially on defense. again…

“85 percent, 90 percent would be pretty accurate.”

“Where I’m most excited and uplifted is on defense. I’m able to move laterally, and recover when a guy makes a strong move. I can respond to that and react to that.”

Glen Davis took KG’s place on the first team once he left. The second team of Rasheed Wallace, Eddie House, Marquis Daniels, Glen Davis and Brian Scalabrine, gave the first unit all they could handle, it was reported in a few places. Shelden Williams replaced Davis in the second unit on Davis’ promotion to the first unit.

Ray Allen

It’s been reported that Ray Allen’s contract expiring contract will be dealt with later in the season. Ray has made good use of the new twittering phenomena in the off season. He has commented that he likes connecting with fans directly and giving motivating and uplifting responses to personal queries he receives on twitter. Ray has over 9,000 ‘followers.’

Of the Celtics, Ray appears to be the most well read. He usually has books in his locker that I, of course, assume he is reading. Besides a creature of steady, even obsessive habit, he appears to be the most thoughtful and intellectual. He always gives time to the media after games, even after tough losses.

Rasheed Wallace

Oh yeah, can’t leave you without at least one Rasheed Wallace quote. Here is his take on the replacement referees from Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald….

“Of course, I know that they’re going to come in all happy-go-lucky – oh, I gave Rasheed Wallace a tech tonight, ha, ha, ha, ha. I could care less about that,” he said. “I know there’s going to be a lot of stupid star calls like there was with the old refs. I don’t think there’s going to be too much change.”

I think it is going to be fun getting to know Rasheed. I’ve said it before. I’ve always kind of liked him, understanding that the bravado, hustling, fussing, and cussing is part of his on court persona.

I’ll have more stuff for you when I see it. Have a green day.

Thomas Halzack

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