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Shirley Coshatt: Spreading the News Celtics Style

Who the heck is Shirley Coshatt and what is she doing in a Celtics article?

Well…if you are asking that question, you are not a Boston Celtic die hard fan. Certainly not a big internet Celtic fan, anyway. And..other there any other kinds?

As the world moves on-line for its entertainment and news, there emerges a strange and wonderful co-mixing of people who would never otherwise meet, let alone form a relationship based up on a common interest or interests. No, I’m not talking about, but she is an integral cog in harmonizing Celtic information and spirit.

And no, I don’t know Shirley on any level other than the Boston Celtics internet world. It is a world made up mostly of youth and the youthful. Shirley and I come in the ‘youthful’ category, meaning we are youthful in outlook only, with our beloved Boston Celtics.

Shirley posts the links to Celtic articles every single day for and Celtics Green. She also pens a number of original pieces herself and when you finish reading her stuff, you walk away far more informed than you were a few minutes earlier.

Generally a youth oriented environment, for the most part, there are some older fans that like to join the conversation. The nice thing is that the kids (anyone under 30 to me and maybe even older) let us join them and join in the discussions about everything Celtic. We even bring a unique point of view to share. We both saw the legendary Bill Russell play.  But the main thing is that any age can appreciate a committed die hard Celtic fan. FLCeltsfan is definitely that.

Early on, a Celtic fan from Florida, of all places, won over everyone that ever read her posts and discussed the finer points of basketball the Celtic Way. You learn who knows their stuff and who doesn’t. The fan with the online moniker of FLCeltsfan knows her stuff. But I’ll let her tell her story. I asked FLCeltsfan if she would answer a few questions for Celtics Central, and she was kind enough to oblige.

To help you understand who FLCeltsfan is, she does some wonderful in depth articles or reviews on books written about the Celtics, Red Auerbach, or any of the storied players who have worn the Green.  She also writes well researched articles on players and teams and writes a mean game day preview for certain sites.  Specifically, she links all the days articles on the Celtics to two sites for you to read. But I’ll let her tell you about that, too.

Time to meet FLCeltsfan:

1: Shirley, how and when did you become a fan of the Celtics?

It was the 1968-69 season.  The game of basketball had captured my attention both with my high school team and the NBA.  I lived in Pennsylvania so didn’t get to watch the Celtics games or even get that much information on the Celtics but what I did get, really impressed me.   I began reading everything I could find on the Celtics as an organization and as players. The more I read the more I loved the team.  I read all I could about the Celtics of the 60’s and decided that my favorite player was Loscy.  He was like the Perk of the 60’s.    I never actually got to watch him play but loved everything I read about him.    I loved that ’69 championship team because it seemed they didn’t have a chance, going in as the 4th seed in the East and then reaching down deep to pull out the championship.  That was also the start of my dislike for the Lakers.

2: When did you become involved with blogging?

Back in 2006,  I was just discovering the Celtics online community.  I had found Celtics Green boards and the founder of Celtics Green, Loyalist, had started a blog and mentioned on the boards that he was looking for some help to keep the blog updated.   I had never done any writing.  I am quite left brained and never thought of writing.  But once I got my hand in it, I enjoyed it and just kept going with it.

3: You do a lot of writing about the Celtics now. How did your writing evolve?

I started out just posting news articles of interest and then I got brave and would write a paragraph of opinion to introduce the articles.  Eventually I put up a couple of full articles that I wrote and it snowballed from there.  I had the bug.  I still don’t consider myself a writer but I sure have fun doing it.  Mostly I just write my opinions and observations.

4: You are every Celtic writer’s favorite person because you assemble such a great set of links every single day of Celtic and NBA related articles. What got you started doing that? And how do you find so much?

I started posting the news articles on Celtics Green and from there realized how many stories there were out there on the Celtics.  I then started posting a list of the links on Loy’s Place along with the news stories on Celtics Green.   I have google alerts for every player and word associated with the team. Some mornings I wake up with 400-500 emails to sort through.   I also have the links bookmarked to all of the Celtics blogs that I know of along with the newspaper sections from all the Celtics major competitors.  I go through them all every morning.  It takes anywhere between 2 and 4 hours to gather and post them, depending on the number of links on any given day.

5: You can’t possibly read everything you put up each day, do you?

No, if I tried to read them all I’d never get anything done other than posting links.  I do skim through most of them as I am posting them and I go back later in the day and read the ones that catch my attention.

6: How many sites do you do links for?

Currently, I post links on CelticsBlog and Loy’s Place.  There were 2 other sites that I posted links on in the past but they aren’t currently active so for now, it’s just the 2.

7: On to this year’s Celtic team…prediction?

I think this team has the potential to be something very special.  I agree with Sheed that this team is capable of winning 72 games. But, in the end, my prediction is for 64-18.  The Celtics have improved but then again, so have the other teams in the league.  I am allowing for them to slack off a little toward the playoffs to be ready for that championship run.  I also predict Banner 18 in June.

8: Who is the true Celtic team MVP?

This is a tough one because you can make a case for several players. Rondo is the engine that makes everything go and we really don’t have a replacement for him if he was to go down.  We saw how much the team missed KG last season and how much he means to this team.   Paul Pierce is still the Captain and the go to player.  And Perk is probably the most underestimated player on the roster.  Just watch the 2008 finals and the difference his absence made in Game 5.  Ray is the player who has changed his game the most to fit the team and that counts for a lot.   I don’t think we can pick just one MVP.  This team was built on ubuntu and I believe that they would be the first to say it is a team effort and there isn’t one MVP but many.

9: Who on the Celtic roster will surprise the most this season?

I think Perk will surprise a lot of people because he is going to be more involved in the offense this season and is going to take yet another step up in his development.  However, that won’t surprise me as I’ve known what Perk could be since his rookie season.    I was thinking that Lester Hudson could be the biggest surprise, but there would have to be an injury for Doc to even give him a chance.  After reading that Big Baby could be out for awhile, I think that Shelden Williams could be the biggest surprise.  If Big Baby is out, Shelden should get more minutes and may just make the most of them.   I think he has the talent and just needs the chance on the right team.

10: Doc Rivers…great coach or… great situation?

I think it is a little of both.  I think Doc is in a great situation and even great coaches can’t win without the players.  He is the same coach that everyone wanted to lynch back in 2006-07 when the team went on an 18 game losing streak but with the players he has proved that he is a very good coach.   He is definitely the coach for this team because he inspires loyalty in his players and has the ability to manage big egos into a team ego.  I’m not sure how many other coaches could manage this many stars on a team and maintain an authority over them,  yet Doc has done it.

11: I know Kendrick Perkins is a personal favorite. How high is up for KP?

Perk has improved every season he has been in the league.  He is the perfect center for this team because he is willing to play his role and not step outside of it.  He is content with being the defensive stopper and enforcer and leave the glory to the other guys.  He has a great work ethic and attitude and is absolutely crucial to the success of this team.  I believe he will take another step up in his development again this year.  He is just 24 years old and before he is done, he will be a top 5 center in the league.  (And have a couple more rings as well.)

12: What is the most surprising about yourself that readers might find interesting?

I’m not sure what would be surprising or interesting.  I guess maybe that I have 4 kids ages 13 to 35, all living at home and a son living in South Florida.  And I also have 2 grandchildren, ages 3 and 10, living here that I am helping to raise as well.

I’m sure those kids are lucky to have a grandma like FLCeltsfan. I know that Celtic Nation is.

Thanks Shirley! Keep on rockin’ the green!

Thomas Halzack

3 Responses

  1. Thomas Halzack says:

    Thanks Buckets Brigade.

    Glad to FLCeltsfan get some board love. She deserves it and makes everyone’s day just a little bit better.

  2. Buckets Brigade says:

    Shirley helped me out early on with link gathering and pointing out interesting articles. I remember her being so nice and friendly. She definitely deserves a lot of credit for the thriving Celtics online community.

  3. JB says:

    You da MAN…. “T.”
    With all of the work you listed….. Shirley is still being modest.
    She is the glue that holds together the Celtics on-line community and has helped pitch in when ever there is a project needs some help that comes to her attention.
    She was active in helping us get “Celtics Stuff Live” off the ground and I’m sure there are many more situations where she rolled up her sleeves, without getting much glory, like her favorite blue collar players.
    God bless Shirley and you too Tom for giving her a little love…..