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Bynum Thinks Lakers Could Break Bulls Record

With all the brouhaha about Rasheed Wallace’s opinion that the Celtics could overtake the 72-10 Bulls record, Andrew Bynum’s pronouncement didn’t seem to get the same media reaction.

I’m late to the party but here is what Laker center 7′ 0″ Andrew Bynum told Yahoo Sports Johnny Ludden.

“Our goal should be to break the Bulls’ [72-win] record,” Bynum said. “I know that’s much easier to say than do, but we have that kind of a team.”

So add another player reaching for the sky. If Bynum is healthy all season, something he hasn’t been to be for a few years, and he starts to play somewhere near his potential, I guess it is possible. The Lakers won 65 games last year. They lost Trevor Ariza and added Ron Artest.

Their bench is suspect and that could affect such a run. But this team is built for another solid run this season. Johnny Ludden’s other comment of note?…

For all of the offseason acquisitions the Lakers’ closest challengers made over the summer – Shaquille O’Neal, Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson, Andre Miller – only Kevin Garnett’s return in Boston threatens to have a greater impact on the league’s balance of power than a whole and hungry Bynum.

I like that comment better. And it is a true one. Sounds like there are two high speed freight trains running down the same track from opposite ends of the line.

It will make for an interesting year, will it not?

Thomas Halzack

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