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Celtics Play the Right Way

I want to bring you other voices from time to time.

Jay King of Celtics Town is a bright and enthusiastic young voice in Celtic Nation. Here is a portion of his latest….

Jay King….

A few days ago, I told you not to take the Celtics for granted. I wrote about how they inspire me, play the game the right way, and play it in such a cohesive manner that makes you wish you were on a team just like the Celtics. They value the extra pass, defensive rotations, and contesting shots, and care little, if at all, about individual statistics. In the end, it’s all about winning for the Celtics, all about helping their teammates out in order to become a better team.

Here’s an excerpt from my piece:

Watching the Boston Celtics, though, floods back all the memories of high school basketball, a time when my team wasn’t a bunch of individuals, but a close-knit group of brothers. It is easily evident on the court just how much the Celtics care about each other and want to win the game, not just for themselves, but for each other. You can see it every time Kendrick Perkins sets a screen to free somebody else to score, or Kevin Garnett sits on the sidelines during a blowout and screams like the world is ending.

You can see it when Rajon Rondo takes fewer than five shots in an entire game, more than willing just to set his teammates up, or when Paul Pierce defers to his teammates for large parts of the game, happy to ride out somebody else’s hot hand. You can see it when the Celtics go on a run, and the entire bench is standing up and cheering, even if NBA rules no longer allow that. You can see it when Shelden Williams, fresh after catching his first DNP-CD of the season, remarks on Twitter not about being hurt by not playing in the game, but about how big a win it was to beat the Spurs.

You can see it in every defensive rotation, every dive to the floor after a loose ball, every extra pass to a more open teammate; the Boston Celtics play the game the right way, a selfless way, a way that inspires teamwork, friendship and camaraderie. A way that not only brings wins, but happiness .

I meant every word of it.  I love the Celtics because they’re the Celtics, I grew up in Massachussetts and was born and raised a Celtic fan.  But even if I were from L.A., my favorite player was Kobe Bryant and I bled purple and yellow, I would respect and admire the hell out of Boston.  Not for how good they are, but simply the way they play the game I love.

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Be sure to check out Jay’s Celtics Town blog regularly for a solid dose of Green caffeine.

Thomas Halzack

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