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Boston Celtics- Fork in the Road


This article from Jack Jemsek of Celtics Stuff Live is from a few weeks ago, but it is well researched and still relevent.

After an encouraging win last night against the Celtics’ kissin cousins, the Charlotte Bobcats, a team they seem to own this year and the previous win against the Detroit Pistons, another team with problems, are they on an upward trend?

With this team, it is hard to say. Ask me again in a week or so.

Here is a piece from Jack Jemsek’s article describing the Celtic’s uncanny ability to lose leads and keeping Ray Allen…

Ten collapses in games after substantial leads had been secured is a lot to suffer in approximately six weeks. Most definitely, following the Celtics has not been for the faint of heart for their fans. Enter the blasphemous “Trade Allen” or “Do Something” demands by their fans as the trade line approached (I recall a Celticsblog.com poll indicating about 2/3 voting to trade Ray with over a 1,000 votes cast). I was a proponent of “stay the course” with the Big Three, and fortunately that is what the Celtics chose to do. Of course I’m a half century old and appreciate what a healthy veteran can accomplish, but I just don’t see urgency.

Besides retaining their key personnel (which Eddie House was not), finishing the season and getting a decent seed would seem paramount. I see this as a “fork in the road” moment for the team.The rest is here and documents each of those lost leads game by game. There is more and it is a good read.

Check the rest out here.

Plus there is bonus Neil Young song at the end. Ya gotta love ol’ Neil.

Thomas Halzack

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