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Larry Bird Great Coach; Glen Davis Brings Energy


Here are a couple of good articles from the Boston Herald.

One is an interesting interview the Boston Herald’s Steve Bulpett did recently with Knick’s top man Donnie Walsh about Larry Bird’s coaching days. He says he was a great (not good…great… coach). Here are a few quotes….

Walsh was explaining that Larry Bird was an even better coach than commonly perceived and that Bird had taken more than a few steps down the aisle with Washington in 2003 before deciding to move into the Pacers front office.

I never knew that. And Walsh cleared up another half truth about Bird’s coaching ability.

After Bird hired Dick Harter and Rick Carlisle as his defensive and offensive assistants, respectively, the notion arose that he was more of an overseer in the operation.

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no,” Walsh said. “Larry was involved with everything. He was totally hands on. I mean, he let the coaches have their say, but he was in on everything.

But he saves the best quote for last….

(Walsh) looks back on a coach he ranks with the best in the game – even with his friend, Larry Brown.

“Larry Brown wants to teach. . . . But when you have a great team,” Walsh said, “Larry Bird will take them as far as they can go. He’s the best manager of a team I’ve ever seen.”

There was no doubt that Larry Bird did a great job of coaching his team to the Finals in 2000. But I thought he did an equally good job of making his team believe they could beat the invince-a-Bulls two years before. They almost did, before losing the 7th game.

Glen Davis – Finesse No More

The second article is by the Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy on the new found niche and re-invention of Glen Davis

Glen Davis quite possibly has figured out his greatest value. He is, for example, the only Celtic who makes a consistent attempt to crash the offensive glass.

His renowned bulk has the effect of a bowling ball in the paint. Saturday night in Dallas, with 6:02 left, Davis burrowed out some space, grabbed a Kevin Garnett miss and muscled his way through three Mavericks to score.

With Leon Powe gone, Glen is now aiming for offensive rebounds, being the energy guy, and scoring at times.

“If you want to talk about the last two weeks, then yeah,” Rivers said of Davis’ progress. “Over the last two weeks he has been very consistent, and that’s what we need him to be. He’s not a finesse player and he has to remember that.”

I’ve always said that Davis has some solid natural instincts for the game…

“I have to bring energy, play defense, take what the defense is giving me, do my role and set picks,” he said. “I have a knack for the ball, being there the right time at the right time, reacting to the ball. Some people just have the ability to do that. My strong point is offensive rebounding. Go back up, try to get a foul, try to get an and-one.”

Glen has endured an inordinate amount of blocks trying to score inside. He needs to reduce that going forward and either find a way to score, draw a foul or just kick it out for a better shot.

Glen still believes in his ability to score, and has done so at times recently, though that’s not what they are asking of him…

“I can shoot the ball, I can post a guy up, but that’s not what they need me to do,” he said.

But coach Doc Rivers is looking for an energy boost from Glen, first and foremost….

“When he comes in with energy, that’s when things really start to happen for him. Even if he just comes in looking to bring energy every night, then he’s going to be a better player.”

Both articles are good reads. Check them out.

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