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Kobe Fouls


There has been a lot of post game talk on the nation’s favorite sports channel about questionable calls on Kobe for his 5 fouls.

But no one is mentioning the two fouls that would/could have been called on Bryant that would have fouled him out with number 6.

The blocking call on Tony Allen could easily have been called a charge by Bryant. Tony was well set up and outside the circle before Kobe got there. And the body contact by Kobe on Ray Allen’s drive that the TV announcers said was a good ‘no call’. Contact was made and it affected the shot. It looked like a foul to me.

But we all know that they aren’t fouling out one of the game’s marquee players in the Finals on fouls like that.

Also, two clean blocks by Celtic players, Pierce and Davis, were called fouls, not blocks.

KG had a few fouls that could have been non-calls as well.  It helped keep him out of the game for the second time in a row.

I don’t see anything unusual that occurred with Kobe, except that he didn’t get the benefit of the doubt a few times, which is albeit, rare.

There were important ‘bad calls’ both ways.

Thomas Halzack