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Kendrick Perkins: Zero Blocked Shots

(Edit note: some think that KP has a block recently. I can’t find confirmation. Even if true, the basis of the article holds true.)

Is Kendrick Perkins playing hurt?

Here is a thought.

Maybe Andrew Bynum isn’t the only center playing hurt. The reason I ask is that I was checking out some stats for aberrations and things that stood.

I couldn’t believe it at first when I saw it. Perkins hasn’t blocked a single shot against the Lakers. He hasn’t blocked one in 7 straight games.  His last blocked shots were May 24th against Orlando.

That ended a streak of 15 straight games with at least one block and usually more. That is an unusual statistical aberration. Even if he is just concentrating on playing position defense, he usually gets one here and there.

In observations of late, his offense has seemed to be more limited, as well. It is not just that he is back to gathering the ball more, a bad habit we thought he was rid of. He is not a big leaper, but he can get up there when he wants to. He doesn’t seem to be getting any lift on his shot and was blocked a few times in game 1.

He used to be able to come over and rise up behind a small and block the shot of the player that the small was guarding. We haven’t seen that in a while either.

If Kendrick Perkins is hurting, he would never complain. And the Celtics would never let you know unless it was obvious. He played last year’s playoffs with a troublesome, often painful shoulder and never said a word.

Maybe it is just the way Doc wants Kendrick to play defense. Stay down. Stay solid. Stay in the middle. But maybe, just maybe, it is something more. I have absolutely nothing to base that on, but some observations and that unusual blocked shot stat.

Even with the extended swat slump, Perkins is 6th in the playoffs in block percentage at 5%, right behind Bynum at 5.3% Hmmm….

Throw A Party

Here is another stat aberration….

Rasheed Wallace just played 14 plus minutes in a playoff game with getting a single foul. It is his very first game without one in the 22 games they have played. It is party time. He played very well in that game, too.

One more Celtic stat of note….

Besides playing solid man defense, Tony Allen has the 2nd best steal percentage in the playoffs at 3.2, behind Manu Ginobili’s 3.9. Now if he could just work out the kinks in that jumpshot….

Oh yeah, in case you don’t know, the Celtics try to close out the Lakers tonight in L.A.

Thomas Halzack

2 Responses

  1. Thomas Halzack says:

    It is looking like it, Jeff. But it has been a non-story so far.


  2. Jeff P. says:

    He’s definitely hurt. I remember that he was suffering from knee problems throughout the entire second half of the regular season and I think is just gutting it out on fumes at this point.