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Hold on. Shaq deal may be premature.

Is he he coming or not?

According to tweets from Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated…

“Sources indicate Shaq and Celtics working towards a deal but feeling is the longer this drags out, odds of an agreement dip dramatically.

The flood of early enthusiasm for reports of one of the league’s biggest stars signing are taking a bit longer than originally expected.

All is quiet from the Celtic and Shaquille O’Neal camps.

Shaq a Big Risk?

Stop the Presses.

Mannix goes on to tweet a series of possible reservations…

Danny Ainge’s basketball people probably echoing same things I’m hearing: that Shaq’s attitude, defense and immobility make him a big risk.

Shaq isn’t getting positive endorsements from his ex-coaches, either.

Remember, I’m on record saying the Celtics should do it. But that opinion is in stark contrast with every NBA-type I’ve talked to.

Oft repeated, but pick and roll D is a huge concern with Shaq. Miami, Orlando would ram p+r down Celtics throats with him on the floor.

Nash-factor in play, too. Nash was constantly frustrated by Shaq’s presence in the paint in Phoenix. Rondo similar type of player.

Add that to other observations Eddie Johnson made in his article on Hoopshype and you might see why this isn’t as simple as it looks.

I put this in yesterday’s article from Eddie…

Shaq is a dominant personality and when a coach has that in his locker room, he knows that individual can sway thinking and cause a negative cloud that could destroy his ability to coach.

Based on Chris’ tweets….

Could that be more of a factor than I thought? Or is it something more obvious like playing time and/or money?

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