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Celtics and Mavericks: Accepting Roles

While the star laden Celtics have set the standard in recent memory for accepting acquiescing and subordinate roles, it appears that more than Miami will try to emulate that this season. Who else, you ask? Why, the Dallas Mavericks…of course. According to Jeff Caplan of the Dallas Mavericks Blog on ESPN, it appears that Shawn […] [Read More]

NBA Pacific Division Previews 2010-11

Read all about it. The latest installment of the NBA’s previews by the bloggers who love and follow their teams – probably way too much. But that is why we love to read them. Here are the best of the Pacific Division previews…. Clippers: Clips Nation | SBNation Recap Kings: Sactown Royalty | Cowbell Kingdom | SBNation Recap Lakers: Silver Screen […] [Read More]

Quotes and Thoughts: Celtic Media Day

And so it begins. Hope springs eternal in the NBA in September and the ‘almost NBA champion Celtics’  have a lot to be hopeful, very, very hopeful about. But they have an abundance of new players in camp and many will have roles on this year’s team. Shaquille O’Neal and Jermaine O’Neal have been brought […] [Read More]

Shaq: just a country boy

With the arrival of Shaquille O’Neal at a charity golf function in Quincy Mass, the reporters fell for Shaq’s old tricks or let’s say that Shaq took comedic advantage of the media horde’s over the top expectations for the NBA’s biggest personality. When a helicopter landed in the parking lot near the course, they all […] [Read More]

Boston Celtics Previews 2010-11

These are the Celticsblog previews for the Boston Celtics (redundant, eh?) by…Boston Celtic Bloggers If these seem like a lot, just remember that the Celtics have the most regular bloggers of any NBA team. Yeah, we know how to write in New England and we write even when the team didn’t have Kevin Garnett and […] [Read More]
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Atlantic Division Previews 2010-11

Here is the complete set of links for Celticsblog.com’s Jeff Clark’s yearly effort to get a large group of opinions circulating from and about NBA teams by solid blog sites First up – Atlantic Division Celtics: CelticsBlog | Celtics 24/7 | Celtics Central | Celtics Hub | CelticsLife | Gino’s Jungle | RedsArmy.com | SBNation Boston | SBN Recap Knicks: Posting and […] [Read More]

New Jersey Nets 2010-11 Previews

The Nets are going to be an interesting team, though maybe not this season. Yet there is talk that Carmelo Anthony may end up there by long time NBA pundit Sam Smith. Anyway, here are the takes from those who watch the Nets in good and absolutely terrible seasons… Nets Daily Since Kenyon Martin was […] [Read More]

Knicks Blogs Previews 2010-11

Here are the Knick blog preview links and a few tidbits from each Posting and Toasting 3. What are the team’s biggest weaknesses? Rebounding. In years past, the gameplan was simply to let David Lee clean up any mess. With Lee out of the picture, the Knicks’ frontcourt is still a bit undersized and is […] [Read More]