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An Urban Garden in India

I am back in Kolkata lending a hand at Empower the Children. It was so good to meet up with Reena and Ashit, teachers at the Preyrona Schools. Another volunteer, Roisin, is organizing an urban garden.

Himalayan Heights for Homeless Mutt

To all my friends who volunteer to walk and foster and otherwise support abandoned pets, especially dogs. Here’s a heart-warming report from TIME about a little stray dog rescued from India. Rupee and
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Himalayan Exchange

  The team, Rupin Valley 2013 New reading glasses! This summer, I had the privilege and the pleasure to volunteer with the Himalayan Health Exchange on a medical/dental trek to the Inner Himalayas.
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“Everybody” Helps

In July, 14 volunteers traveled to Vratsa, Bulgaria, to teach, play and paint at Assen Zlatarov, a social home for 70 children aged 7 to 18 whose families are unable to provide for them. Arranged
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Help Us Brighten Their Home!

In July, a group of 10 volunteers will travel with Humanitarian Travel Abroad, LLC, to Bulgaria and try, with a little elbow grease and paint, to brighten the home of 90 orphans living in Vratza at
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How to Narrow the Wage Gap

Recently, I spoke to the chair of my department at WCSU about offering an independent study opportunity to students. I am teaching medical anthropology, my specialty, on a medical/dental trip to the
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Health Care and Anthropology in the Inner Himalayas

In June, I’ll be traveling to the Inner Himalayas with Himalayan Health Exchange on a medical/dental mission to the Rupin Valley (see below). Along with other anthropology professors, I’ll be teaching
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All a-GLOW

I just returned from an inspiring couple of weeks in Bulgaria with Leadership Academy GLOW. I traveled with two students from WCSU and Dr. Darla Shaw. We participated in activities with 50 campers,
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WCSU Volunteers ‘GLOW’ in Bulgaria

In a leadership session this morning with Leadership Academy GLOW (girls leading our world), I learned that a good leader is one who inspires others to accomplish a goal. I guess I’m a good leader! In
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Role Models

In 1977 I learned about Jodie Richers and Americans for International Aid (AIA) in Atlanta, GA, a group of airline volunteers who used their travel privileges to bring adopted orphans back from
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