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: April, 2010

Long live the list

I’m a list-maker, but can’t seem to convince my kids to follow that example. Especially the boys – both in college. I’m sometimes not sure how they make it through. When we talk, they’ll mention tasks
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My heel hurts!

OK, so I’m trying to be good about exercising — especially since hearing about the recent study that says middle-aged women need at least an hour of moderate exercise every day to avoid weight gain.
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Feeling your age

Don’t you hate it when you feel your age? My husband and I recently traveled to Providence to see our oldest play in a hockey game against Brown University. Lots of fun and very exciting! After the
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Welcome to Midlife Mom

Greetings to all of you midlife moms! Since this is my first blog, I thought I should share a little bit of my mom “credentials.” I’ve been doing this for a while. I have three kids – 2 boys and a
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