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: August, 2010

Boys vs. girls

Boys are easier to raise than girls. That’s my blanket statement as a mom to three, two of them boys. K is our only girl and also the baby in the family. As such, I’m sure she’s benefited from a more

Back to college

Sometimes I feel like our front door is revolving. After a summer at home, our middle child has returned to college, where he is proud to be a sophomore and back in his element. He’s surrounded by

Laundry instructions take a new spin

It’s been suggested to me that I should create and hang a poster in our laundry room that gives a step-by-step explanation of how to separate clothes and what temperatures and cycles on which the

Running to their rescue?

OK, so I know I wrote about this “Mama Bear” thing last week, but I have to revisit. It’s one thing to worry about our kids and want to shelter them from being hurt. But how often do you run to their

Out of milk — again!

Am I the only one who ever notices that we’re out of milk? More to the point, is there a reason why one of three other drivers in the house can’t run out and get a new gallon if they see we need it?

Once a mama bear, always a mama bear

Does that mother’s instinct to always want to jump in and save your child from getting hurt ever go away? I’m guessing the answer is no. I have a hard time, sometimes, stopping myself from

Weekend maintenance required

It’s amazing how much I rely on weekends to get stuff done around the house. And when you consider that we’ve been out of town the past three of them, it’s no wonder the house is a mess and there’s
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Success on the job front!

Today is a day to celebrate. My recent college-graduate son just accepted a job offer! It’s a co-op, not a permanent position. But it’s with a great company, making a good wage. It gets C in the door