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Feeling disconnected


Do you ever feel disconnected to your family?

I’ve been feeling that way for a week or so now because I’ve been getting home from work later than usual. Last night everyone was already in bed when I got back, which was unusual considering that it was 9:45 and usually people are still up until at least 10:30.

My daughter hasn’t been feeling well — a bad cold, or at least symptoms that mimic a bad cold. But she was already asleep when I got home, so I couldn’t ask her if she was any better. Then this morning she was in the upstairs bathroom getting ready when I got up. Rather than speak to her through a closed door, I thought I’d hop in the shower and talk to her after I got out. But she left for school early and was gone when I was done. Thwarted!

I hope she feels better today. I feel like a very bad mother and look forward to getting past this bump in the road and getting back to my normal routine — where I feel a bit more on top of things.

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