Midlife Mom

Navigating the teen years… and beyond

No longer a child

I think we’ve worked out a good co-existence with our adult son. A recent college grad with a job — thank goodness — he’s living at home because the job is close by and living here allows him to save money and start paying down his student loans. It’s not a permanent arrangement, by any […] [Read More]

Holiday list revisited

Now that I got everybody’s wish lists for holiday gift-giving, what happens if I don’t want to get any of it? Seriously, only one of the kids had a wish list that actually had appropriate items. And at what point do they stop asking for various video games and the paraphernalia that goes along with […] [Read More]

Getting the holiday spirit

Are you getting into the holiday spirit yet? I am, and this morning’s light snow added to it, I think. Plus, I’m trying very hard to stay focused on what’s important, which is sometimes difficult to do. Our Christmas tree is up, but not yet decorated. And all of the boxes of decorations — for […] [Read More]

When to butt in?

When do your kids learn to speak up for themselves? I don’t remember this being such an issue with my oldest, but there were times it was an issue for the other two and has especially become something I’m concerned about with my youngest. Mind you, I always encouraged the kids to assess their problems […] [Read More]

‘Wish’ful thinking

As the holiday season kicks into gear, it’s time to ask the kids to compile their Christmas wish lists. Those of you with older kids know that the gift-giving gets a little harder, i.e. more expensive, than those years when you could just waltz into the toy store and pick up everything on said list […] [Read More]