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A new era in Christmas gift-giving

Recently I heard another mother discussing her Christmas shopping dilemma and the angst she was feeling. You see, the items on her children’s wish lists were beginning to move from the

Holidays are here!

Are you ready for the holidays? I’m not, but that’s nothing new. Aside from my husband and children, most of the rest of my family lives far away — far enough that family gatherings are few and far

Overcoming a character flaw

Do I have a character flaw? One that means I have no willpower or the backbone to stay disciplined when it comes to eating and exercising? I had dinner with a friend not too long ago and at one point

Using the teaching moment

Life’s not fair. Most of us know this, but for our kids, it can be a tough lesson. We teach them that if they work hard and play by the rules, good things will happen. And thankfully, much of the time

Don’t forget to say thanks

How often do you say thanks? I don’t do it enough and need to be better about it. And I’m not talking about thanking someone if they pay you a compliment or expressing gratitude to a friend who helps

Hats off to runners!

I’ve always had admiration for runners — especially long-distance runners. The dedication and hard work it takes is beyond my comprehension! I don’t think anyone in my family would label themselves a

Living with no power

How many of us are tied to our Blackberries or iPhones? Or maybe we don’t leave home without our laptops or other electronic devices that keep us “connected.” Problem is, none of these devices work

I have to exercise, right?

I’m about to make a confession that will resonate with some of you and have others thinking I’ve got a major character flaw that revolves around laziness. I am stuck in a rut — a rut I can’t seem to

Decisions, decisions…

Are you an over-thinker, or maybe a people-pleaser? I’m guilty on both counts, but when you put those two things together, it creates a lot of head chatter — and sometimes indecisiveness. When

Teen talk

How are your communication skills? And do they work with a teenager? Mine don’t seem to be so sharp these days! As any of you who have teens know, getting them to talk isn’t always easy. They’re at a