Pushing out of the comfort zone

How often do you push yourself? Really test your limits and get out of your comfort zone?

I don’t do it enough, admittedly. But a couple people I know have recently impressed me with their willingness to stretch themselves.

The first is one of my kids. At 20, G is very much a social animal. So I was a bit worried when he tagged along on one of his dad’s business trips to London.

It was during spring break, so the timing was perfect. But Dad would only have one full day to spend with G. After that, he’d be busy with work and meetings and G would be on his own for sightseeing and activities — no friends to keep him company, normally an unspoken but understood prerequisite.

But he got up each day and set out on his own, a full schedule to see as many sights as possible. We wanted him to stretch himself and take advantage of a great opportunity. And he did.

Then there’s my friend. She wanted to do something unique and fun to celebrate her 40th birthday. So she went to trapeze school — yes, I said trapeze school!

She learned to fly dozens of feet above the ground and was so good at it, she was able to let go of her bar and be “caught” by one of the teachers in mid-air. Just like you’ve seen the pros do in the circus!

I’m not ready for a trapeze, but I definitely need to find a way to push the envelope. After all, I need to set an example for my daughter, who’s next on the list to get a push from her comfort zone.

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