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: April, 2011

Mother of the groom

Were you swept up in today’s royal nuptials? I was. Our fascination here in the U.S. with the royal family is one of those unexplainable phenomena, but isn’t it fun to watch, share the joy and the

I’m sorry, but…

How often do you say you’re sorry? If you’re like many women — and me — you probably say it a lot. In fact, it may even preface many of the simple and everyday questions you ask. “I’m sorry, but is
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Does this happen to you?

Remember how I said time gets away from me? Well, I did it again. I said in a previous post that this was the sixth consecutive year I had a child in college. But it’s only the fifth. Even though
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Keeping up with the clock

It seems that time just slips through my fingers these days. I have a hard time keeping track of whether I did something the day before yesterday, two weeks or two months ago. Does that happen to you?

Birthday in absentia

It’s a strange feeling when it’s your child’s birthday but you’re not around to help them celebrate. I should be used to it, since I’m now into my sixth consecutive year of having a kid away at

What do your friends mean to you?

Get the discussion started! How many of you depend on your female friends to help you through a difficult situation? Maybe you rely on their support and ability to listen when you need to vent or have

Scheduling ‘girl’ time

Are you a woman who nurtures her friendships — especially with other women? I used to be better about it. I never missed book club “meetings” and scheduled occasional dinners out or weekend antiquing

Getting comfortable in the kitchen

I’m loving our new house rule! Each member of our family must take a weeknight and cook dinner. Why I didn’t think to do this years ago is beyond me! But I’m so glad I ran into an old friend recently
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