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Summer’s transportation juggle

Summer is officially here and soon it will be in full swing. Do things slow down in your house? Or do they heat up? For us, summer has always been a bit of a challenge, as I know it is for many families. When the kids were small, arrangements had to be made for where […] [Read More]

Family contributions

Division of labor in our house hasn’t always been equal. Some pitch in more consistently and with less attitude than others, but everybody contributes at some point and on some level. Quite frankly, the older I get, the more I appreciate being able to turn to one of the kids and say, “Can you please […] [Read More]

Feeling nostalgic

Do you ever find yourself glued to pictures of the past? Today I can’t seem to take my eyes from a framed photo on my desk. It was a picture I snapped of my husband and our three children in our backyard about 15 years ago. They’re all squeezed onto the platform at the top […] [Read More]

A first vacation!

Our oldest returns this weekend from his first official adult, no-parents-or-family-included vacation. Sure, he’s gone other places on his own and made long weekend jaunts here and there. But this was the first “working man’s” vacation, meaning he used those coveted vacation days from his employer (remember how few of them there were at your […] [Read More]

Couldn’t resist the book sale

I fear I’ve already broken my promise to myself. Remember how I just said I was going to try to read less for “pleasure” and work on expanding my personal and professional development? Well… this weekend was the annual Summerfest in our little village. It’s a two-day, small-town celebration that includes a parade, lots of […] [Read More]

Expanding my reading repertoire

Do you read self-help books? I have not made this a habit, but am beginning to think I’ve done myself no favors by sticking to “pleasure” reading. My husband hardly reads anything that doesn’t contains news, news analysis or some type of self-betterment tips and information or trends in his industry. I used to tease […] [Read More]

Full disclosure? I don’t think so

Writing this blog is sometimes like juggling knives (although I say that figuratively, having never actually juggled knives myself). After all, it’s my goal to discuss topics that are universal. Topics that other moms and families have probably dealt with or will deal with at some point in the future. But sometimes, what happens in […] [Read More]
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