Midlife Mom

Navigating the teen years… and beyond

Household project manager

I’m a project manager and didn’t know it. More than likely you are, too. Like most moms, I have to concern myself with making sure everybody else in my family is taken care of. I don’t get up every day and just worry about myself, what do I need to get done today? Where do […] [Read More]

Want successful kids? Let them fail

Do you let your kids fail? I don’t mean get Fs in school, I’m talking life experiences. We have a story running in our Sept/Oct issue of HealthyLife magazine that’s about just that, and how many of us have not done right by our kids because we want to rush to their rescue every time […] [Read More]

A challenging stretch

I’d like to write a happy, funny blog where I poke fun at myself for everyone’s amusement. But I can’t seem to do it. I’m having one of those stretches where parenting isn’t much fun. Not that it’s supposed to be. But lately, it’s been one challenge after another. Kind of has me longing for […] [Read More]

Yearning for organization

Do you ever go through periods of extreme disorganization? I feel like I’m going through one right now. I’m forgetting things — at work and at home. I can’t seem to keep my lists in order or the clutter at bay. My attention span is zip. Could it be summer’s heat? Could it be all […] [Read More]