Missing that summer vacation

Do you take summer vacations? Or have you reached a point where your kids have flown the coop and you can schedule time away any time of the year?

We’re somewhere in between. If we want everybody to be included, we have to find time during school breaks. Otherwise, there are now three of us in the household who can schedule get-aways whenever the work schedule can handle it.

I have to admit, however, there’s something about a summer road trip. Maybe it’s just force of habit — all those summer trips when the kids are growing up and it’s the only time you can get away as a family.

Our annual summer sojourn to a cabin up in the Adirondacks was something we looked forward to. It was a simple existence. Board games and card games kept us entertained in the evenings. There were also square dances and activities we could attend in the nearby small town. Days were filled with fishing, hiking, relaxing, and day trips to historic sites or maybe Olympic venues in Lake Placid were thrown in for a change of pace.

Of course, as the kids got older we were challenged to find things to do that we hadn’t done before. They got bored more easily. And playing games at night just didn’t cut it anymore in the entertainment category. So eventually, the trips north stopped and we found other places to vacation.

Now summer just doesn’t seem like summer if there’s not a trip involved somewhere and some time built in to kick back, relax and decompress. So I hope you’ve gotten your summer vacation. And if not, I hope it’s coming soon!

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