Midlife Mom

Navigating the teen years… and beyond

I have to exercise, right?

I’m about to make a confession that will resonate with some of you and have others thinking I’ve got a major character flaw that revolves around laziness. I am stuck in a rut — a rut I can’t seem to get out of even though intellectually, I know how to get out of it. And […] [Read More]

Decisions, decisions…

Are you an over-thinker, or maybe a people-pleaser? I’m guilty on both counts, but when you put those two things together, it creates a lot of head chatter — and sometimes indecisiveness. When pondering a decision, do you think about what you want? Or do you think about what your husband, kids, friends or whoever […] [Read More]

Teen talk

How are your communication skills? And do they work with a teenager? Mine don’t seem to be so sharp these days! As any of you who have teens know, getting them to talk isn’t always easy. They’re at a stage where their friends are a much more important influence and keeping information from their parents […] [Read More]