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Worried about your home’s water/air quality?

Most of us do everything possible to keep our families safe. We research the best carbon monoxide detector to buy or which types of locks or security system to install. But do we check the quality of the air in our homes or similarly, the water coming out of our taps? Many of us do, […] [Read More]

Ignoring my own lecture

How many times have you chastised your children for doing something foolish just because their friends were doing it? How many of us have used the phrase “So if everybody jumps off a bridge you’ll do it too?” Well, I neglected to follow my own advice this week. I made a ridiculous post on Facebook […] [Read More]

Make the bullying stop!

What is it with girls? Why are they so nasty to each other? Why do some of them seem to take sadistic pleasure and think it makes them “cool” to bully or belittle others? I’m at a loss. Sure, I remember my own high school days. There were definitely girls who thought they were better […] [Read More]