Worried about your home’s water/air quality?

Most of us do everything possible to keep our families safe. We research the best carbon monoxide detector to buy or which types of locks or security system to install. But do we check the quality of the air in our homes or similarly, the water coming out of our taps?

Many of us do, of course. But if it’s something that concerns you and you want to learn how to better monitor it or even check it for the first time, don’t miss How Healthy is Your Home?, this week’s free HealthyLife magazine seminar.

Sponsored by Waterware Kitchen & Bath Designer Showroom, the evening will begin at 5:30 and aside from air and drinking water quality, will feature information on how to lessen the effects of allergies through use of steam in the shower, how custom showing can help alleviate body aches and how the addition of radiant heat can warm up those cold floors and also help to even out temperatures in your home.

Join me at this event, which promises not only valuable information for your family but also a $500 gift certificate raffled off to one lucky attendee. Plus, everyone there will receive 40 percent off selected items. A nice deal if you’re contemplating any updates to your home.

The evening will run until 7:30 and will be held at Waterware’s Stamford showroom, 92 Research Drive. It’s free, but we ask that you register online at www.healthylifect.com/seminar. And while you’re on our website, check out our story on how to turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat — something else you can find out about at our Thursday seminar.

Hope to see you there!

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