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: May, 2012

Passing along the gift of friends

How good are your kids at cultivating friendships? And how much do you encourage them to do so? I’m hoping my kids have learned from their father. He is still friends with the guys who were his best

Bye, bye summer camp

Thank goodness my kids are old enough that summer camps are no longer an issue — unless they’re working as counselors. This annual ritual used to stress me out. The idyllic summer Adirondack

The price of beauty

How much is looking good worth? Recently I’ve dropped some big bucks (at least by my standards) on appointments at the hair salon. OK, so I’ve been coloring my hair for several years to cover up the

No more SATs — we hope!

Sometimes I long for the “simple” times of the ’70s. It was during this decade that I attended high school, began college and, of course, took those dreaded college entrance exams. Where I grew up the