The price of beauty

How much is looking good worth?

Recently I’ve dropped some big bucks (at least by my standards) on appointments at the hair salon. OK, so I’ve been coloring my hair for several years to cover up the growing onslaught of grays. Nothing outrageous, just a color that comes pretty close to matching my own — or at least the color it used to be before the grays began to take over.

But on a recent visit I splurged and got some highlights, which more than doubled the cost of the visit.

And recently I took my teenage daughter, long overdue for a haircut, in for her turn. Her long, very damaged locks were in need of some TLC (she uses lots of “product” and a hot flat iron nearly every day). Turns out she needed a “detox” to get rid of the buildup from some not-so-good hair products.

The cut itself was reasonable. It’s all the money I plopped down on the new, good-for-your-hair products that will help her maintain her shorter, shiny, healthy ‘do.

Hopefully she’ll master her new routine and walk off to school each morning feeling good about the way she looks. Not that she doesn’t already, but as most of us probably remember, at 17, sometimes you need a little boost of self-confidence.

For me, after plunking down a hefty wad of cash on my highlights, I couldn’t wait for the compliments to start rolling in. But nobody noticed. At least, if they did, no one said anything (except my husband, who was quite supportive even though I know he grimaced when he saw how much cash came out of the account with that debit card transaction!).

I’ll think twice before I spend that kind of money again — at least on me.

On the other hand, I hope my daughter gets lots of compliments. It will make the cost of looking good a little more justified.

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