Midlife Mom

Navigating the teen years… and beyond

Put yourself on a magazine cover

Have you ever fantasized about being a magazine cover model? Most of us probably have — even if it was back when we were 10 years old. But if you’re a woman between the ages of 35 and 54 who lives or works in Fairfield County, CT, you might just have the opportunity to make […] [Read More]

What was Kate thinking?

How are your decision-making skills? I’ve always been somewhat Jekyll and Hyde with mine — sometimes they come easy and sometimes I struggle too much and take way too long to make them. My fear is that my kids have learned from me — not necessarily a good thing. But they’re older now and mostly […] [Read More]

It’s all in the photo

Sometimes it takes a picture to make you see. Like with your kids. They grow and their appearance changes, but often we still see them as children. So imagine my surprise when the proofs from my daughter’s senior portrait session arrived in the mail. There, smiling back at me from the photographs, was a beautiful […] [Read More]

The (mail) battle of the colleges

The college countdown begins. And if, like me, you have a high school senior in your house, you know what I’m talking about. Occasional bursts of marketing mail still come from obscure colleges K has no interest in (why do they waste their money in this way?), but mostly the bulk of college mail that […] [Read More]

Life with an open mind, and thumbs out

I’m afraid we’ve set a bad example for our daughter. One of those “do as I say, not as I do” kind of moments. Problem is, the experience turned into something positive. My husband and I picked up a pair of hitchhikers when K was in the car with us. We were on our way […] [Read More]

Our last ‘first’

Another school year has begun. Most of you, like me, probably got a kick out of reading your friends’ posts on Facebook from that “first day.” And many of you, like me, are experiencing your last “firsts” this year, as the baby of our family has now entered her senior year of high school. I […] [Read More]