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: October, 2012

Ridin’ the storm out

Are the winds blowing yet? Is the rain coming down? I know we start to become immune to forecasts of these monster storms – especially when they don’t seem to materialize as expected. How many times

Learning to let go

Giving your teen wings can be hard. Especially when you live a quick train ride from Manhattan. I grew up in the Midwest. Far enough from any big city “dangers” that it was an issue my parents never

Who’s running the country?

I love election season, especially when the kids take an interest. Two out of three of my kids are registered voters, and by next November’s general election all three will qualify to go to the polls.

Communication conundrum

Have you tried living without e-mail lately? Mine has been down at work for the past two days. Granted, I can still access it via the web, but it’s not as efficient and has some strange quirks that

Keeping up with your spouse

Do you exercise with your spouse? I don’t — at least not if you go by the typical definition of exercise, like going to the gym or running together. We go hiking on occasion. That counts, but we

Be careful what you post

I’ll say it again. Our kids should be careful about what they’re posting on social media. There’s a Wall Street Journal story I read online that says some colleges are looking at what their applicants

What’s on your brag sheet?

Do you brag about your kids? Do you embellish when you tell stories about them? I think it’s human nature and most of us are guilty at some point. Especially if we’re trying to be funny or gain