What’s on your brag sheet?

Do you brag about your kids? Do you embellish when you tell stories about them?

I think it’s human nature and most of us are guilty at some point. Especially if we’re trying to be funny or gain sympathy or even help a friend feel better about something wacky her own kid has done.

So I’m wondering how much embellishing is going on in the “brag sheet” parents of seniors at my daughter’s school (including myself) are required to write. These brag sheets go to each kid’s guidance counselor and are used when said counselor has to write letters of recommendation that go out in the college application packets the school sends.

The premise isn’t bad. Even in a small school, like ours, each guidance counselor would have a hard time getting to know that many kids intimately enough to know just what to write. So parents help them out. The brag sheets let the counselors see each student through the eyes of their parent.

I just hope there’s not too much creative embellishment going on!

One Response

  1. Brianna says:

    I bet those guidance counselors are getting some pretty egregious letters from some pretty blindly ambitious parents. I say ramp it up to 11 and consider that a starting point!!