Be careful what you post

I’ll say it again. Our kids should be careful about what they’re posting on social media.

There’s a Wall Street Journal story I read online that says some colleges are looking at what their applicants are posting on these pages and that sometimes what they find hurts the kids’ chance of admission. WSJ cites a Kaplan Test Prep survey that queried admissions officers at 500 colleges. A quarter of them said they look at social media when considering prospective freshmen and a third of those say they found things that stopped them from admitting a student.

Granted, most said they don’t have time to check out every prospective student online, but will go there if a red flag is raised when going through the traditional application documents and essays.

I knew prospective employers were doing this. I did a bit of nagging with my oldest to make sure he cleaned up his language and refrained from inappropriate posts while he was job-searching after college graduation. But now colleges? I guess it’s a natural progression.

Still, how do you get your kids with undeveloped teenage brains to understand the consequences of doing stupid things? It’s just one more battle to add to the list — but one that’s important enough to choose.

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