Keeping up with your spouse

Do you exercise with your spouse? I don’t — at least not if you go by the typical definition of exercise, like going to the gym or running together.

We go hiking on occasion. That counts, but we don’t do it as often as we’d like or enough to consider it regular exercise.

Exercising together is supposed to be good for your relationship (we wrote a story about it in the October issue of HealthyLife). It’s a bonding experience. It has other benefits as well, but I don’t know many couples who do it.

Now that the kids are older, I’m wishing it was something we had done when they were little, to set an example. But in those days our calendars were so full with work and all of the kids’ activities (many of which were sports-oriented) that fitting in a workout for two would have been quite difficult.

I’ve always been a little jealous of my husband’s fitness level. Not only is he fit, he’s kept his weight steady for the 30-plus years I’ve known him. Wish I could say the same!

He also exercises Monday through Friday — on his lunch hour. His company has a full gym on site, trainer included.  So in the evenings or on the weekends, when I’m trying to fit in some exercise, he’s already done his.

Probably just as well, since he could, I’m sure, run circles around me. But maybe that’s the point?

Maybe, after all these years, it’s time to go running together.

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