Communication conundrum

Have you tried living without e-mail lately?

Mine has been down at work for the past two days. Granted, I can still access it via the web, but it’s not as efficient and has some strange quirks that make it harder to get the work done.

Just what did we do before the electronic age? I can hardly remember, though way more of my life was spent before it came to be.

Remember the days when you had to call someone on a land line and hope they were home, or not already on the phone talking to someone else? If there was no answer or you got a busy signal, you’d have to keep calling back until you reached them. Now we can leave messages on answering machines or call people on their cell phones.

Or remember the days when you let your kid go somewhere without you and you’d sit and worry until they got home safely. Now we can exchange text messages and know all is well.

There are days when I curse technology and days when I can’t live without it. I’m sure you all feel the same way — or at least those of you over a certain age. One thing’s for sure. There’s no turning back now!

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