Ridin’ the storm out

Are the winds blowing yet? Is the rain coming down?

I know we start to become immune to forecasts of these monster storms – especially when they don’t seem to materialize as expected. How many times does someone evacuate their home, or board up windows, put away everything in the yard, stock up on canned goods, water and batteries, only to have done it all for nothing?

It’s understandable that we’d want to roll our eyes at the weather forecasters and the government officials who put mandates into action (like closing roads and facilities).

But consider the alternative. Would you rather have expended the energy and expense to be prepared, and then the forecast doesn’t materialize? Or would you rather do nothing, the monster storm hits and suddenly you are in a dangerous predicament?

My hope is that you all opt for the first scenario.

Your kids’ schools are closed. Keep them safe and enjoy some quality time with them — even if it is in the eye of the storm. Set a good example. Show them how to be smart and prepared — and how to have fun even when the wind and rain howls around you and they must live without electronic devices.

Power outages also translate into campouts, albeit indoors, for so many kids. Make it a fun (and safe) adventure. Your kids learn from your actions.

So as Sandy roars in, be safe. And remember, property is replaceable. With any luck, we’ll have been overly prepared.

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